Find Major donors with Keela and DonorSearch

Why You Should Use DonorSearch with Keela

DonorSearch is a premium feature for Keela users in the USA. This donor prospecting tool helps you reach new milestones by identifying major gift donors, annual fund donors, and planned gift donors based on DonorSearch’s extensive philanthropy and wealth analytics.

With Keela’s DonorSearch Integration, you can :

  •  Access Wealth Screening Insights: Leverage essential wealth, philanthropic and biographic data sets without leaving the Keela platform
  • Find Major Donors: Identify donors with the potential, capacity, and willingness to donate major gifts.
  • Better Understand Your Current Donors: Use DonorSearch data to better understand what makes your donors tick.
  • Improve Your Solicitation Strategy: Get the intel and wealth data you need to understand how much each donor can realistically afford to give.
  • Raise More Money: Pair DonorSearch with our inbuilt Demographics Data to get the big picture and maximize your fundraising efforts.
  • Save Cost: With this integration, you can save money on DonorSearch and enjoy ease of use by never having to leave the Keela platform to access these essential data.

How the Integration Works

  • Financial Data for Capacity Estimation: Wealth assessments, real estate values, business revenues, SEC stock evaluations
  • Philanthropic Data for Qualifying Inclination and Interest: Gift amounts, recipient non-profit categories, non-profit board seatings
  • DS Rating: Indicator of a prospect’s ability and propensity to make major donations

Our success team is committed to ensuring you get the most out of this feature. We’ve detailed all the steps you need to access DonorSeach’s data from within the Keela platform. Visit our Help Center to learn more.

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