The people who make Keela possible.

Meet the Team

A group of Hustlers, Creators, Empathetic and Mettlesome individuals out to change the world. We are on a mission to empower nonprofits to take the next step with smart tools and guided decision-making

Nejeed Kassam 

CEO & Founder

Nejeed is also the founder of the Better Canada Initiative, and former executive director of both End Poverty Now and Conversations for Change. He has experience working for the United Nations and the Senate of Canada. Nejeed is the author of the book High on Life (foreword written by former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien) and the co-producer of the documentary, Conversations for Change. He currently sits on a number non-profit boards. Outside of work, he is married to the most amazing woman in the world and has had a life long obsession for tennis (he was once ranked 1,746 in the world as a junior!).

Tasi Gottschlag


A lover of learning… Tasi takes MIT courses, in her spare time…for fun. Want to get her attention, tell her she gets to compete by playing a game, it’s that simple. Tasi has an MBA from SFU. She built and sold her first SAAS tech start up in 2018. A true geek she is a passionate builder of businesses, loving all the moving pieces, intricate dynamics and systems that produce the results we see. In her free time, she loves to race sailboats, read inspiring business books, and play with her two amazing daughters. She adores Keela, and the bold vision that drives the team.

Wayne Uong


Wayne was born in Vietnam, grew up in Singapore, and is now settled in Canada. He assembled his first computer when he was 10. Wayne has an engineering degree from McGill and has worked as an engineer at Alcatel-Lucent and Zimmer. His experience in tech includes time with Third Core Venture Expansion and TandemLaunch. Wayne’s insight drives much of the product decisions at Keela, he is mysterious, bold and engaging and he plays a mean game of squash. In fact he plays obsessively when he is not coding… I dare you to challenge him to a game!

Hanna Dandanell

Senior Director of Revenue Operations

A problem solver at heart, she finds opportunities in combining technology, and social causes to empower non-profits to reach sustainable solutions.

Alex Gladley

Head of Sales

Originally hailing from the UK, Alex has also lived in both Australia and New Zealand before settling in Canada. He describes himself as a people’s person that will talk to anyone about anything – try him! If he’s not at home he’s probably out running and will watch almost any sport.

Jason Valagao

Account Executive

Jason is passionate about merging his love of the charitable world with technology. Nothing brings him more joy that helping organizations scale through the effective use of technology. When he’s not behind his desk you can find Jason in the mountains chest deep in powder, attempting to land a river monster or sleeping under the stars.

Joanie Robichaud

Product Designer

Originally from Quebec City, Joanie moved to Squamish, BC after graduating a Bachelor degree in Design. As a designer and artist, she loves creating and exploring. When she is not working on designing new features for Keela, she is probably outside snowboarding, running up mountains or making natural soap!

Elsie Coffey

Director of Customer Care

Teller of terrible jokes, breaker of silences – like many Aussies, Elsie loves to talk! She loves travelling around to visit famous peoples’ graves which, granted, is a little strange but she does get to see the world while she’s at it! Her favourite thing to do is work with our customers, getting to know their stories and just sharing the Keela love! 

Maggie Dubyk

Head of Customer Care

Maggie’s unmatched curiosity led her from small town Pennsylvania to exploring the various cultures, flavors, and ideas all around the world. This curiosity, coupled with an empathy for her fellow earthlings, led Maggie to a life committed to the nonprofit and humanitarian sector. When she attempts to set down this activist hat to ‘relax’ (never actually happens), you can find her crafting, immersed in a new workout fad, meditating in the middle of the woods, cooking up some curry, or getting picked on by her older brothers via Facetime.

Laura Taves

Product Manager

Lover of the outdoors, Laura is always keen to adventure and explore. When she isn’t camping, snowshoeing or biking, she thrives on being around people and having a good laugh. She occasionally brings out her inner nerd by working on puzzles, playing board games and learning new excel formulas.

Nosheen Hotaki

Professional Services Specialist

Nosheen called nine other cities home before moving to Vancouver to chase the majestic mountains and the blue ocean. She is passionate about optimizing data, empowering customers, and driving greater social impact through tech and tech-enabled advocacy. In her free time, you can find Nosheen sea-kayaking in the Pacific, hiking, or reading Dostoyevsky. Nosheen is also a hobby wildlife photographer and an alumna of the Canadian Conservation Corps.

Natalie Sjosvard

Associate Product Manager

Another Brit on Canadian soil, Natalie has over a decade of fundraising experience having worked for a number of charities, and a passion to help people and organizations engage in their greatness through incredible products. Outside of work Natalie enjoys surrounding herself with dogs, exploring the great outdoors that Canada has to offer and sipping on espresso martinis.

Tarish Rajakarier

Sales Development Representative

I’m originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka. And while I do enjoy the island beaches – it is hard to imagine myself without Toronto’s fast paced lifestyle. I love the outdoors and will play almost any sport. I also love playing the drums and guitar, or drawing animals and architecture. I love trying new things and meeting new people, If you suggest something I haven’t done yet, I will most likely take you up on that offer and ask you to bring your friends along so I can meet even more people!

Stefania Bracho Liberatore

Customer Support Specialist

Stefania grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and that is where her love for non-profit organizations and her desire to help started. During her time at UBC, an undergraduate degree in Sociology drove her passion for customer support. You can find her skiing the local mountains in BC as that is her favorite thing to do in winter. Fun fact: Stefania’s favorite thing to do is to dip her fries in vanilla ice cream. 

Nicole Kolkman

Customer Support Specialist

Nicole is a firecracker who’s in constant pursuit of a proper belly laugh. She’s always whipping up new recipes to feed her friends and they return the favour by listening to her go on (and on and on…) about some obscure historical fact. Nicole’s very passionate about social justice and loves empowering non-profits to create social change from the bottom up.  

Josh Cheng

Professional Services Specialist

With a passion for learning, Josh sees every challenge as new opportunities to improve himself. When working through complex problems, he would get fully immersed in it and would often lose track of time. Outside of work, Josh enjoys spending time in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes to make and petting his super adorable cat, Sake.

Travis Kuhne

Customer Support Specialist

Travis has a passion for continuous learning, regenerative climate action, and building real solutions with great people. He studied international business management at Canadian/German universities – and continues to learn ongoingly through his side-courses & projects (business studies, permaculture, history, politics, etc). As a client success pro, he always loves connecting with customers and helping them expand their impact through technology.

Samantha Lego

Director of Marketing

A storyteller by nature and an organizer by inheritance (thanks mum!), Sam enjoys crafting meaningful content equally as much as colour coding spreadsheets. When she’s not at Keela, Sam enjoys poking fun at Vancouver stereotypes (while studiously ignoring the fact that she is one). Not very good at picking up on social cues, if you tell her to take a hike, she’ll ask “Which one!”

Kyle Howe-Patterson

Digital Marketing Manager

After completing his bachelor’s, Kyle set off to learn more about the world and the different cultures in it. After a couple of years he is back in his native country and has decided to check out what the West coast has to offer while trying to make a difference in world. When not working, you can find him learning a foreign language, relaxing in a coffee shop, or out on the golf course.

Tobi Nifesi

Head of Content

Tobi’s a curious writer who enjoys striking the balance between storytelling, technology and social action. When he’s not writing or critiquing stories, he’s probably watching reruns of Mad Men or obsessing about Arsenal Football Club.

Marco Santos

Senior Full Stack Developer

Born and raised in Brazil, husband and father of 3 little angels, Marco loves challenges, teamwork and solving problems with best solutions and best practices. He likes to learn, building new technologies and applications. In his free time, he plays with his kids and family and watches Korean series with his wife.

Chelsea Bush

Digital Designer

Chelsea uses design as her creative outlet as well as an opportunity to share meaningful and engaging experiences with others. Through her work, she strives to bring a unique perspective to every new design challenge. Despite spending most of her time at the computer, Chelsea is also passionate about getting back to nature and can typically be found hiking or snowboarding within the beautiful BC mountains.

Kimberley Hornaday

Partnerships Coordinator

Kim likes to think she has all these great hobbies like travelling, playing the piano or entering in lively philosophical debates… but if she’s being honest, as soon as work is over, she’s playing with her puppies, and before she knows it, the day is done! As one of the palest Indonesians you’ll ever see, you’ll often find her at the dog beach ruining a book with sand.

Anna Hwang

Chief of Staff

Anna left Vancouver to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree at UC Berkeley, thinking she would never return, but Canada (and Keela!) quickly won her over. Having learned four languages and been educated in four countries, Anna honed her ability to navigate diverse cultural spaces. She loves taking arguments apart, problem-solving, and thinking under pressure. A true debater at heart, Anna likes being told no…because who doesn’t enjoy a good debate?

José Truyol

Full-Stack Developer

Born in Venezuela, with a Colombian father and Chilean son, and now living in Vancouver, BC. I have been into computers and hardware since my earliest memory, so much so that it led me to study Electronic Engineering. But life led me to love software development more. When I’m not programming, I’m thinking about what I could program for myself or I go for a walk with my dog and my son.

Stephanie Choi

Software Delivery Manager

“Just call me Steph”, is likely the first thing she’ll say when you meet her. Having moved to Toronto from her hometown in Vancouver to pursue a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto, she now calls the “6ix” her home (much to her parent’s dismay). When Steph is not meticulously organizing Keela’s release plans, you’ll usually find her in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious for her family and friends. Rumour has it that she wants to start a cooking account on Instagram… but let’s just say she’s been saying that for a while now.

Stacy Luck

People, Culture, and HR Manager

Born and raised on the coast of BC, I’ve travelled the world but always felt the tropics of the temperate rainforests on Vancouver Island was home. Certified in HR Management, and as a Life Coach, I’ve always been curious about human behaviours. I have been in people and culture related positions for a decade and get way too much joy out of engagement survey results. When I’m not listening to people’s unique life stories, you can bet I’m either hiking, gardening, reading in a nearby coffee shop or hiding from my two tiny children. Most likely, I’m hiding from my children….

Alex Schiopu

Lead Product Designer

Set on solving any usability problem that comes his way, Alex is passionate about improving all experiences. If he isn’t busy connecting the dots of an exciting new feature, you’ll probably find him running along the seawall or somewhere up in the mountains enjoying the fresh air.

Allen Kang

Product Designer

Made in South Korea and built in Canada, Allen is a creative from birth with a passion for arts. With a variety of hobbies, Allen is a master at spending time by himself. From photography, illustration, singing, finding new music, running, and more, he is a busy bee that loves inspiring and being inspired by those around him.

Suvechhaya Shrestha

Junior Full Stack Developer

Name constantly being mispronounced even by native speakers, Suvechhaya now introduces herself as Suvu. Born and raised among the temples of Patan, she finds her peace in Chariya dance, which is an ancient cultural dance form in Nepal. Suvu is a morning person and coffee is not her cup of tea. She is often mistaken as an extrovert, however, her social battery is secretly charged by Patrick (her pawsome pal). She loves watching Marvel movies but won’t give away a single spoiler, and if you are planning to hike around the city outskirts, you can always count her in.

Asha Shah

Quality Assurance Officer

I am a Computer Engineer. I love travelling, Dancing and Singing. I love to explore myself to find what I am capable of doing. I want to use this life in such a way that won’t regret it when I get old. I love nature and animals.

Aayush Shrestha

Full Stack Developer / Kathmandu Team Head

Aayush likes to try his hands on as many things as possible. He is always learning something unusual, mostly useless too, like mediocre magic tricks that only 5-year olds will get fooled by. He develops awesome stuff for the web by day and does stand up comedy by night. So, he has effectively no time to sleep.

Bandana Singh

Quality Assurance Manager

Bandana enjoys thinking about the edge cases and believes this helps her to acquire more insight. Decision-making skills are what she is truly passionate about. In her spare time, you can find her either relaxing by doing nothing or exploring the things she likes and says she has a bunch of to-do lists to learn. Also, she spends her time tinkering with ideas and what excites her is problem solving and decision making.

Badal Shrestha

Quality Assurance Officer

When Badal found out that he fell off a 5-story building at just 2 years old, he realized he was destined for bigger things in life. Badal loves reading books, bike rides, writing poems and stories, short hikes, and long treks, he is a lover of nature. Badal is a Workaholic, but when he is not working, his mind is full of thoughts and crazy ideas. He loves to help people and hopes that someday he can start his own nonprofit organization.

Pawan Sunuwar

Full Stack Developer

Pawan likes to take on new challenges and keep working on himself. Other than work, he likes to scroll through new creations in art communities. When he gets a thing to work on, he grinds himself for months to learn as many things as he can on the topic. Other times, he’ll be binging on shows, or trying to read more books.

Ravi Tamang

Full Stack Developer

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Ravi is an analytical person capable of understanding situations from unique perspectives. While not busy coding, he can be found enjoying a game of Dota 2. He also likes to listen to a wide array of music to keep his mind running, his favorite being Steven Wilson’s Arriving somewhere but not here.

Parusha Pradhan

Junior Full Stack Developer

A 4-year stint at a hostel while doing her undergraduate taught Parusha Pradhan not only to appreciate home-cooked food but also inspired her to make everything from scratch. She also likes everything Pokemon, coding and gaming when not dreaming about that espresso machine.

Abinash Sharma

Quality Assurance Officer

Energetic most of the time, Abinash loves guitar, sketching, painting, and basically anything creative. He’s an extrovert and cannot stay in one place peacefully. He enjoys a basic and playful lifestyle.

Anisha Maharjan

Junior Full Stack Developer

Anisha is a creative introvert who enjoys crocheting, crafting, and anything DIY. When she’s not coding, you can find her taking some much-needed me time and diving into her new hobby of drawing mandalas.

Rista Shrestha

HR and Admin Officer

Rista is enthusiastic about understanding human emotions and behaviours, which is why she did MBA with Human Resource major. She is a gold medalist from her university and aspires to work in human resources and relations. She has recently found a new hobby in painting and sketching.

Merlin Lego-Mohr

Pawperations Wizard

Merlin has a keen eye for detail. He keeps a meticulous spreadsheet inventory of his toys and is constantly running chew rate analysis, calculating kibble projections, and measuring key pawformance indicators. His favourite past times include napping and applying mental quantum physics while chasing his ball at the park.

Maddie Gottschlag

Chief Cuddle Doggo

Maddie is from East LA, where she roamed the streets and took no BS from anyone for the first 6 months of her life. When one day she was scooped up by a loving person from Rescue A Boxer who recognized she was in need of a softer life. Maddie now works at the Keela office every day greeting newcomers and shadowing her mom to ensure everything is as it should be.

Leia Dandanell

Head of Puplick Relations

Leia loves nothing more than saving the galaxy from its latest PR crisis. From blasting off pro-rebel press releases to hiding her identity to get the latest scoop against the Empire, this Princess of Puplick relations is sure to put the perfect spin on it.

Sake Cheng

Purrrfessional Services Specialist

As the Purrrfessional Services Specialist, Sake is in charge of cheering people up with his snuggles and purrs to make sure that everyone is always in a happy place. His favorite hobbies include knocking things off the table and taking naps during the day to prepare for his 3 am zoomies.

Sirius Truyol Martinez

Full-Nap Developer

Sirius loves to play with all the dogs he sees, no matter their size. As Keela’s Full-Nap Developer, he likes to spend his day behind the screen, looking out at the people on the street – or of course, napping. He cannot see a human without rolling over to show his belly, waiting for lots of petting.

Blue Robichaud

Chief Napping Officer

From the mountains to the office, Blue always makes sure to maintain a great work-life balance. Getting plenty of sleep during the week, Blue needs to make sure he is ready for the weekend to explore mountains, snowboard all day and sleep under the stars.

Designed to empower change

Developing purpose-built software is an important part of Keela’s culture– and that’s why every member of the Keela team has spent time in the nonprofit sector.

We have former executive directors, communications staff, volunteer managers, fundraisers, and canvassers… And that doesn’t even include all the current roles our team members hold on various nonprofit boards.

This was an important choice for us because central to everything we do here, to our philosophy, is our values of social responsibility. It is key that we don’t just prescribe a solution for nonprofits. We want to build a tool that responds to the variety of problems that challenge the sector.

In-depth look

Keela’s Team in numbers.

We asked the Keela Team would you rather…


Speak all languages fluently



Talk to all animals


Cups of coffee drank daily


Identify as women


Different nationalities


Of the office walks, bikes or buses to work

Passionate about making an impact?

We’re Hiring!

Keela is purpose-built for the nonprofit sector, staffed by people who care about the sector. We build tools that help nonprofit professionals raise more money, save more time, and do more good

Join us on our mission to provide all nonprofits with affordable and accessible tools.