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The nonprofit sector helps the world. And we help the nonprofit sector.

Keela’s mission is to change nonprofit management for small to medium sized organizations. By democratising access to these tools, we help organizations spend less time on admin and more time on making an impact. 

Long story, short — we care about the sector. A lot. And we’re building a platform that makes a real difference for them.

But we need your help.


Explore Keela: Your Journey into the World of Top-Notch Nonprofit Software!

Join us behind the scenes! Dive into our video to gain insights into Keela’s cutting-edge nonprofit software and discover how you can be part of our mission to empower nonprofits worldwide.

CORE values

This is Keela’s secret sauce.

At Keela, our values are very important to us. Not only do we live by them — we work by them too. They are fundamental to the way we build our product, interact with our customers and educate the sector.



Agility is the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to changing circumstances. Embodying this value means being flexible, responsive, and comfortable with ambiguity.


To share in and engage with the feelings of others through active listening, acceptance, emotional sensitivity, and genuine curiosity.


To reimagine an existing product in a way that redistributes value. Whether it’s disruptive, incremental, or radical, innovation requires curiosity and bold risk-taking.


Taking ownership means fully accepting the opportunities and responsibilities within your role. It means holding yourself accountable for your decisions, shortcomings (mistakes), and successes.

Candor with Commitment

Candor with Commitment means being open to different perspectives and communicating honestly while staying committed to team decisions and outcomes.


Tenacity means having the resilience, determination, persistence, and courage to pursue our goals with relentless passion and unwavering focus.

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