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Keela 2.0

September 2022

Smart Ask

This Contact Insight provides a recommended donation amount and range to ask donors for. See it in action. It is available on Keela’s new forms in the following capacity:

  • Email Marketing: If you link a Stand-Alone Smart Ask Donation Form directly to your Email Marketing button, the Form will update with your Contacts’ specific Smart Ask recommendations.
  • Via a Website: If you have Smart Ask turned on and share the forms outside of Email Marketing, Keela will keep the recommendations updated in a more general way. We’ll use the average donation amounts of your organization to fuel these recommendations.

August 2022

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

You can now integrate your Keela donation forms with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and see:

  • Who’s visiting your form
  • Where they’re coming from
  • Whether they’re a returning supporter or not
  • How much time they’re spending on your form
  • How much they’re donating

Importing Interaction Data

  • Import your legacy interactions into Keela
  • Import your offline interactions into Keela

Duplicate Checker

  • Keela’s Duplicate Manager now recognizes secondary emails, in addition to picking up on duplicate Full Names, Primary Emails and Origin IDs, to match potential duplicates in your Keela account.


  • We’ve added some new transaction columns so you can learn more about your data at a glance! Some of these new columns include: Frequency, Revenue Category, Campaign and Impact Area.

July 2022


Our new Donation and Subscription forms come with a host of new features. Watch the short video to see more of this new functionality in action!

  • Pop-up Formats!
  • The ability to Prompt Recurring Transactions
  • Assigning default options
  • Redirecting to a webpage (Post Submit and Form Closed Pages)
  • Indicating a Material Benefit/Advantage

June 20, 2022


  • When logging a transaction in-app, multiple soft credits can be applied. The user can specify the amount to credit each contact.
  • For any transaction sync to QuickBooks Online with a status of Skipped or Error, there will be a “Retry Sync” button on the transaction preview.


  • Fundraisers can signup and access their entire fundraiser dashboard from their mobile device.

Duplicate Checker

  • When merging 2 or more contacts that Keela flags as duplicates, the user can ignore the merging of these contacts. The contacts will be permanently unmatched unless a new contact comes into the system that matches any of the criteria. This will apply to the duplicate checker in the Contacts page and in the Import tool.

May 20, 2022


  • Members can not elect to cover the processing fee for any Membership Subscription purchased through a Keela Membership Form.
  • Auto-renewing Membership Subscriptions now have offline payment opportunities like Cash or Cheque.
  • All Membership Plan Details are viewable and editable.
  • Membership Plans can now be deactivated to restrict the addition of new members to that plan. Existing Memberships will remain active. This also affects any forms that attached to said membership.
  • Historical memberships plans can be created and attached to users for an improved holistic reference point.
  • Membership Plans, both past and present, can be imported into Keela.
  • Column editing and sorting for Membership Plans has been improved and now also included the “Renew” column to indicate if a plan has the option for auto-renew enabled or not.


  • Payment schedules for Recurring Transactions are now fully adjustable
  • Receipt Delivery Status’ have been updated to include manual marking as “Delivered via mail” or “Delivered – method unknown.”

April 4, 2022

Demographics Data

  • New Zealand addresses have been added to the census data that informs Keela’s Wealth Screening tool.

Recurring Donor KPIs

  • Six new KPIs for your fundraising dashboard include
    • Recurring Donor Acquisition Rate
    • Recurring Donor Lifetime Value ($)
    • Recurring Donor Average Gift Size ($)
    • Recurring Donor Median Gift Size ($)
    • Recurring Gift Growth Rate ($)
    • Recurring Donor Retention Rate

New Report Widgets

  • One Time vs Recurring Donors
    • Get a glimpse of who your lapsed or active recurring donors are, as well as your single donors who ma be likely to convert to make ongoing gifts.
  • One Time vs Recurring Gifts
    • Visually compare your donations to determine which were one-time donations and which were part of a recurring donation.

March 7, 2022

Import Validation

  • This new tool makes importing CSV data files foolproof by guiding your mapping fields, alerting you to where a file does not meet Keela’s data formatting requirements, and removing duplicates.

Transaction Statuses

  • More detailed statuses for Transactions, Receipts, and Recurring keep you up to date on a transactions evolution.

Communications Recipients

  • When sending Email Marketing or Direct Mailings, you will now be able to see the number of recipients on your contact list. Click to drill down and see the full list.

Contact Field Updates

  • Creation Date
    • Now an exportable field, this has also moved to nest within the individual contact profile in the “Admin’ section.
  • Origin ID
    • Origin IDs are now editable fields.
  • Deceased
    • Contacts can now be marked as deceased. They will automatically be opted out of email and solicitations.

Premium Feature Trials

  • Peer-to-Peer can now be trialed for 14 days!

February 8, 2022

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is Live in Keela!

  • Campaign Landing Pages
    • Where organizations can showcase their campaign, and where individuals can opt-in to fundraise on your behalf.
  • Individual Fundraiser Page
    • Individuals can customize their own fundraising page to personalize their connection to an organization, share it widely, and process donations with a form that will funnel toward your larger goal.
  • Team Landing Pages
    • Groups of individuals can join together to each fundraise towards a common goal.
  • Fundraiser Dashboard
    • Fundraisers who sign up for a P2P campaign will have access to a dashboard where they can
      • Set fundraising goals
      • Manage their personal and team information
      • View donation activity and respond to donor comments

January 5, 2022


  • Direct Mail
    • Direct Mail is a brand new feature with a similar builder to our Email Marketing tool, allowing you to draft and download direct mailings that can be printed off and sent out to your Keela contacts.
  • Email Marketing
    • Keela has retired the term “E-blast” to reflect our belief that Email Marketing should be thoughtful, strategic, and personalized.

Donation Summaries

  • Donation Summaries are available as editable blocks that can be added to Email Marketing and Direct Mailings as a way to quickly showcase the cumulative impact a donor has made over a period of time. Customizable options include custom dates, column choices, and donations types.

November 24, 2021

Powered by KIT

  • Keela has integrated with Fundraising KIT, an AI powered fundraising tool, to bring you advanced Contact Insights, Smart Recommendations, and advanced reporting functionality all designed to help you optimize your data and enhance your fundraising.

Reporting Enhancements

  • Fundraising Report – Your ready-made Fundraising Report just got more personable. You can now name your Fundraising Report, and grab data from up to 5 years prior!
  • Revamped Reporting – Reports have been transformed into Dashboards built up of Widgets that break down your data as you decide.
    • Each widget can be customized with additional filtering logic and even display your preferred data visualizations.

KPI Enhancements

  • Three New KPI’s:
    • Fraction of Gifts from Campaigns: The percentage of total gifts that were made to a Campaign.
    • Fraction of Donations from Small Gifts: The rate of total donations received from Small Gifts (gifts less than $100).
    • Fraction of Donations from Major Gifts: The fraction of total donations received from Major Gifts (gifts greater than $2000)
  • KPI Benchmarking: Indicate your cause area and organization revenue to compare your KPIs to similar organizations.

Filtering Enhancements

  • Filter amounts to the decimal – Now you can Filter transactions by the dollar and/or cent for any donation, transaction or revenue!
  • Negative Filter Logic – We’ve updated our negative filter logic to be more intuitive and now look at if the individual contact fits the data criterion as a whole, rather than looking at the contact’s individual attributes.
  • First Gift Filter – Use one simple filter to find all contacts who gave their first gift between a certain time period. You can narrow these results down further, by indicating a transaction type.

Export Enhancements

  • Export Reports and Widgets to PDF – We like saving you time, so now you can export your Reports (and each individual Report Widget to PDF) with the click of a button!
  • Export Button – We’ve changed the design of our export button to better indicate what will happen next.

November 2, 2021Take a Virtual Tour

E-Blast Enhancements

  • Send E-Blasts to tags – When selecting recipients for an E-Blast, you can now choose to send to tags.
  • Create a Segment from E-Blast Recipients – When selecting recipients, you can now create a Segment right in the email builder.
  • Contact Exclusion – Exclude specific contacts even if they are included in a selected tag or segment.
  • Preview Lists – You can now preview the list of recipients before sending an E-Blast
  • Preview Subscription Status – Preview the Subscription Status preference selected when choosing your Recipients.
  • Drill into Unopened E-Blast Statistics – Click and view your list of contacts who have not yet opened your E-blast.
  • Track Link Clicks – View how many times, and by whom, a link from an E-blast has been clicked.
    • Tags – You can even create tags for contacts that clicked on specific links!

Form Enhancements

  • Customize Default Form Fields – Create forms in your native tongue by customizing default form questions (e.g. contact fields).
  • Customize From Headers and Buttons – Use the form designer to customize content and copy found in your Header and Buttons.
  • Update to PayPal button – The PayPal integration button on forms has now been updated to show both a ‘Credit Card’ and ‘PayPal’ option.


  • Streamlined Transaction Logging – When logging a transaction in-app you can simultaneously collect payment via PayPal and Stripe, instead of having to do so separately.


  • Keela has have added the ability to allow imported contacts and transactions into workflows. 

MailChimp Integration Enhancements

  • Sync Tagged Contacts –  Any Tagged Mailchimp contact will sync to Keela regardless of how or when they were created or Tagged.
  • Automatic Syncing – Keela now checks for newly Tagged contacts every five minutes to automatically bring over.
  • Manual Syncing – Take control over your own syncs by Resyncing Tags whenever you need.

September 21, 2021


  • Automation Free Trials – For 14 days you can test Keela’s Automation feature to determine if it is right for your organization!

Export Enhancements

  • Exporting Contact Fields – All contacts data that is available for export has its own field, simplifying the process for you to select just the data you need.
  • Exporting Data from Segments, Tags, and Companies – Now you can! Look for the download cloud icon when navigating any of these features.
  • Exporting Receipt Serial Numbers – When exporting transaction data, Receipt Serial Numbers is a new field you can select for inclusion.

Transaction Status

  • Un-ignore Transaction Status – Make formerly ignored transaction statuses re-eligible for receipting my actioning them to be un-ignored.

July 28, 2021

Recurring Transactions

  • Editing Recurring Transactions: Stripe Only – Two new actions are available for editing active recurring donations or revenue subscriptions.
    • Change the credit card associated with the recurring transaction
    • Change the receipt settings associated with a subscription – Select either a single receipt per transaction or a cumulative receipt at the end of the year.
  • Cancellation of Recurring Transactions and Memberships – A new notification will alert Keela users if a contact either cancels, or there is an error in processing, their recurring transaction.
  • Payment Failure Notification – If there is a payment failure on a scheduled recurring transaction or on membership renewals, a new notification will be triggered. This will be with both Stripe and PayPal.

July 13, 2021


  • AUTOMATION IS LIVE! – This add-on feature allows you to create workflows that send out email drips, automate administrative tasks, and so much more. Learn more about Keela Automation Here.

May 31, 2021


  • Interactions Tab – View all interactions in one place with this new tab housed under Contacts. Filter them further for even more valuable insight.


  • Automated Interactions – Have automated interactions that need filtering? Now you can filter the following!
    • E-blasts
    • Automated Keela Emails
    • EventBrite Attendee
    • EventBrite Order
    • Form Response
    • BCC Email
    • Forwarded Email
    • Gmail


  • Export Form Responses to PDF – It’s as simple as that!


  • New ‘Cheque Date’ Field – This field is also importable, exportable, and filterable.

May 5, 2021


  • Customize Receipts and Letters by Campaign or Impact Area – Let your donors know the impact of their donation! Learn More
  • Cumulative Receipts Appendix – Give your donors all the deets on each and every transaction all in one handy dandy cumulative receipt. Learn More
  • Receipt Settings for un-editable PDF’s – Enable password protected receipts for added security! Learn More


  • Update a Recurring Subscription Amount – If a donor wishes to adjust their monthly recurring donation, you can do so within Keela. Learn More
  • Bulk Editing Donation Associations – Forget to add a Campaign to a Donation Form? Your new quick fix is bulk editing associations by
    • Campaign
    • Impact Area
    • Source
    • Keywords
    • Dedication

Filters and Reporting

  • Filter Pledges by Campaign and Impact Area – Easily find the pledges you are looking for.
  • Demographic Data Filters – Filter further with demographic data including:
    • Median Household Income
    • Median Individual Income
    • Unemployment Rate
    • Median Home Value
    • Median Monthly Rent
    • Median Age
  • Donor Search Filters – If you are subscribed to Donor Search, you can add DonorSearch Rating as a column in your contact table and even filter by the following insights:
    • Donor Search Rating
    • Largest Gift
    • Business Revenue
    • SEC Stock Value
    • Political Giving Total
    • Real Estate Value

Organization Settings

  • Contact Restoration Updates – See which user deleted which contact and filter by date of deletion or contact type. Learn More

March 12, 2021


  • Cardin Integration – This synchronization between Keela and Gmail allows you to:

          – View Contact highlights and fundraising activity right from your Gmail inbox.

          – BCC and FWD threads from Gmail right into Keela.

          – Add new Gmail contacts straight into Keela.

          – Set up here.

March 1, 2021


  • Contact Restoration – Contact restoration ensures that any accidental deletions can be recovered by your Keela administrators. Learn more here.
  • Cumulative Column Sorting – More sorting capabilities added! Peek through total donations, average donations, donations from this year, donations from last year, and total transactions.
  • Custom Field Sorting – Sorting your custom field columns means even more flexibility and insight to your contacts! 

Filters and Reporting

  • And/Or Logic – Find exactly what you’re looking for with more precise filtering logic!
  • Gift Type – Filter by Gift type including, money, in-kind, and securities.
  • Transactions Based on Currency – Keen to sort transactions  converted from another currency? You got it.


  • Receipt passwords – You now have the ability to encrypt any receipts sent via keela with a contact specific password. Those passwords even have a smart code so you can relay them to your contacts securely and easily.
  • Original Currency – There now exists a new column for transactions and their original currency.
  • Currency Dropdown – We’ve added a drop down menu for you to select currencies instead of having to type them!
  • Automated Currency Conversion – Straight from the European Central Bank, Keela now suggests exchange rates when logging a foreign currency.


  • Toggle for Social Media Sharing – Working on upping your social media game? Toggle on or off links to share form actions to Facebook and Twitter. Learn more here.


  • Remove Membership Confirmation Email – You know the ability to either include or remove a confirmation email to contacts when membership subscriptions are created.

February 2, 2021

New Tool!

  • Forecasting – Keela’s forecasting tool enables users to visualize cumulative donation totals based on current giving trends! Learn more here.

January 26, 2021


  • Bulk Receipting – The bulk receipting tool allows you to create, and send, all outstanding receipts with the push of a button! Learn more here.

December 22, 2020


  •  Donor Search – This Integration gives USA based Keela customers access to the DonorSearch prospect research tool, and a wealth of databases to provide more information about your contacts. Learn more here.
  • Xero – Sync your Keela Revenue and Donation transactions with your Xero accounting software! Learn more about Keela and Xero.

Contact Insights

  • Demographics Data – Understand your contacts Capacity to Give based on median demographic information sourced from their Postal Codes.


  • Subscription Status – Tracking is now done at the Contact level, not the email address, making this status reportable, exportable, and compliant with GDPR & CASSEL.


  • Smart Dashboard Widgets -These widgets offer an up front view of contacts we think might need some attention including:  

       –     Potential Donors for this month

      –     Donors and Volunteers of 2020.

December 1, 2020

Receipts and Email Org. Settings

  • Logo & Header – The logo & header display is now centralized in one place on the main page of Receipts and Emails. By default, we have selected the header information from your Receipt Email for the Logo & Header to display across all receipts and receipt emails.
  • Printable Donation & Revenue letters – Generate a printable letter when you manually generate a receipt for your Contacts. You can edit the content of your printable Donation & Revenue letters in Receipt Settings.
  • Bilingual Receipts – Quebecois compliance mandates that you toggle on the option to send bilingual receipts. Find it in the Receipts and Emails tab under Org Settings. Learn more here.


  • Ability to disconnect QuickBooks -The ability to disconnect QBO from your organization settings is all your own.


  • QR code added to forms –  Each form now comes with a unique QR code that is scannable both online and off. 
  • Form Header Improvements – Form headers have more flexibility to accommodate a wider variety of image sizes!


  • New Transaction Status – In preparation for Bulk Receipting, we’ve created a new transaction status field to help keep track of all your receipts.
  • Revenue Goals and Tracking – Three new wonderful widgets in your Fundraising Summary can help you SET Revenue goals, TRACK Revenue transactions, and COMPARE transaction types!

New Filters (and type)

  • Engagement Stage (Contact)
  • Membership Revenue Type (Memberships)
  • Donation Keyword (Transactions)
  • Soft Credit (Transact`ions)
  • Impact Area (Transactions)
  • Source (Transactions)
  • ‘Is not between’ (Transactions) 


  • Engagement Stage Added to Reports – Customize reports to see a breakdown of your contacts by their Engagement Stage! 


  • Create a Segment from Contact Report – Easily create a segment from a prior contact report. Segments can be used for e-blasts and more.


  • Contact Type- Administration officials can now switch contact type between Individual or Company.


  • Memberships are now their own Revenue Category.
  • $0 Memberships – You can now set memberships of all types to a fee of $0

October 22, 2020

Keela is Tablet Friendly!

  • Hooray!


  • New Integration – Google Calendar! Track time-bound tasks and deadlines in your own Google Calendar by connecting from Keela.
  • Mailchimp Enhancement – Updated notifications when a new tag is added to the mailchimp sync.


  • Column Type Updates – Contact Type and Company Type are two distinct column options.
  • Intelligence Updates – Contacts insights can be added as sortable columns in your contact table.


  • Emails that could not be sent due to unrecognizable email addresses or with missing headers are now safeguarded in a new location in BCC/FWD settings.
  • All automated receipt emails will now be sent from the email in your Outbound Email Settings in your Organization Settings. If you have SendGrid setup, these emails can now be sent from your own domain.
  • Export your beautiful E-Blasts to a PDF!


  • Enhancement to adjust logo size for receipt headers under Receipt Details.
  • New Smart Codes for Receipts and Emails


  • Soft Credits have now been added to both contacts transactions tabs – the donor and for whom you owe credit.


  • Liven up your forms by selecting your own font colour for Form Fields and Questions under Form Information in the Designer tab.

August 27, 2020

Notifications and Support

  • Keela news and release information can be shared right in-app.
  • Keela Knowledge Base articles are searchable in-app.


New filters for sorting in Segments and Reports including:

  • Primary Email and Phone Number
  • Membership
  • Dedication
  • Segments. Learn more here

New Chart Type! – Donor Score

  • Donor Score is now a chart type in Reporting, enabling visualization of Donor Score distribution across your contact lists. 


  • Adjust your social media preview. Learn more here.
  • Required fields now have a red asterisk as indication.
  • Choose your own form URLs here.
  • Membership forms enhancements now display plan amount and interval type.

Organization Settings

  • Payment Processor Updates – increased flexibility with processing fee management.
  • Disconnect integrations. You can now do this yourself, the exception being SendGrid. Reach out to for further help in this matter.


  • Transaction Deletions –  When a contact is deleted, any associated fundraising transactions and pledges for that contact will also be removed


  • Custom fields are now included in column views, and you can sort Donor Score columns.
  • When merging two or more contacts with the Merge Duplicates tool, select fields that have multiples (tags, secondary address, secondary emails, etc) will be consolidated to the primary contact.
  • No limit to the number of options that show in any drop-down lists for Tags, Keywords and Membership Plans.
  • When deleting a to-do, you can choose if you’d like to delete an associated interaction.


  • If a contact unsubscribes to an E-Blast, you can now customize the unsubscribed message that they receive.


  • Faster and easier importing! If you import a spreadsheet with our default field names, as outlined in Contact Data Prep, the system will now automatch your column titles to the Keela fields.


  • All your unique contact data stored in Custom Fields is now included in Contact Exports.
  • Export all active and expired memberships subscriptions data to a csv.


  • Membership Plans with no subscriptions (Active or Expired), can now be deleted.

July 10, 2020

Contact Insights

  • New Time of Year Insight! Keela Intelligence indicates the top 3 months that individual contacts are most likely to make a donation! And yes, you can also filter by this insight. Learn more here.

New Tool! – Duplicate Manager 

  • The “de-duplicator” can identify and merge or remove duplicate contacts in Keela by scanning for matches based on Origin ID, Full Name, and /or Email. Learn more here.


  • Enhanced contact filter types include manual communication type, date, frequency, and subject title.
  • Enhanced fundraising filters include distinction between revenue and donations.


  • Bulk tagging and updates enhancements.


  • Increased customizability for donation receipts including custom organization logo, background imaging, and automatic mailing address additions for easy printing and mailing. Learn how to edit your receipt settings here.


  • Nine (9) brand new templates for you to customize as you see fit. Click here for a refresher.
  • Enhancement enabling you to copy existing e-blasts for repurposing.

June 29, 2020

Import Tool

  • Now you can choose which specific pieces of information you would like to use to compare your spreadsheets with existing Contact records in Keela.                            
    Learn how to do it here.
  • Keela’s system will “Let you choose which fields to replace” when an existing Contact is located in your Keela account that matches your spreadsheet. Learn how to do it here.

May 4, 2020

Contacts and Interactions

  • Track all emails sent from outside Keela, within Keela! Learn more about it here.
  • You can now log a joint interaction with multiple contacts. Learn how to do it here.

Organization Settings

  • Connected to SendGrid and need to change your outgoing email address? No worries, we’ve got you covered! You can now update your personal and organization-wide outgoing email address in Keela. Simply head over to your email settings in Organization and Personal Settings!


  • New contact fields to forms, so you can collect everything you need from your contacts.
  • Contacts can now subscribe to $0 memberships through Keela forms.


  • Now you have the option of including the whole ‘thank you’ email and the donation receipt as a singular pdf attachment, just in case your donor wants to frame their achievement, or you need a copy to download and send by traditional mail. Learn more about receipts here.


  • We’ve made it easier to manage your E-Blast Statistics! You can now preview the contacts in the delivered and rejected lists and add them to a tag straight from the sent E-Blast. You can also easily mark any rejected emails as ‘opted out’, giving you a healthier subscriber list. Learn more here.

Campaign Insights

  • Suggested contacts who are ‘deemed worthy’ by Keela Intelligence for a particular campaign will be added to a new ‘Campaign Insight’ widget on your Campaign Overview. Those same suggested contacts will also have a badge on their contact profile indicating they may be a good fit for your campaign.

April 8, 2020


  • Log important details on your contacts right away by customizing contact highlights. You can choose up to 10 fields to display and arrange them any way you’d like.
  • You can now filter contacts on any custom field. Awesome reports and segments, here we come! 
  • Now you can combine Revenues and Donations in one report. When you create a report, just select ‘All Transactions’.
  • You can now export your data from Keela! Exportable resources include Contact Profiles, Fundraising Transactions, and Receipts. Look for the fluffy cloud button at the top of the page and you’re good to go!

March 27, 2020


  • If your team member can’t find the invitation to join you in Keela, you can now resend the invite. No more team members missing out on the fun!
  • Improved searchability for when you are trying to find a contact.
  • Brighten up your emails and forms with the ability to customize the color of the text. 
  • The processing fee amount will now appear on public donation forms giving more insight to your donors (this option must be toggled on under Form Setup tab).
  • Tag away! When adding tags to a contact, you can now choose from a list in a dropdown.
  • Clean up that import workspace! You can now delete and DRAFT imports.
  • New filters to help vamp up your fundraising efforts – Donor Score, Donor Readiness, Major Donor, and Smart Ask.
  • This is our favorite! In both Revenue and Donation Forms, you’ll be able to choose the transaction frequency. You can now choose One time, Recurring or Both in the Setup tab.
  • Org name doesn’t quite fit with the image in your form header? No worries! You can now remove that!
  • You’ll no longer be required to have set donation/revenue amounts on a Keela form.
  • The help and contact links have now been moved from the left side-bar to the top right under the ? icon.

March 20, 2020


  • When two becomes one! Keela has launched it’s much awaited merge tool. 
  • When a user either imports data incorrectly, manually creates a new contact record for a contact that already exists, or even a contact fills out a form with a different email address, the result can be multiple records for a single contact or company contact.
  • With this feature, now a user should be able to identify two or more duplicates and merge them into one. A user can identify duplicates and merge them manually, choosing which fields in the contact profile to keep.
  • This will keep your records clean and your frustration levels low.

March 03, 2020


  • Volunteer Managers rejoice! You can now import your volunteer records into Keela.
  • When you log a pledge, the default columns now read ‘ Status, Total Amount, Start Date, Deadline, and Pledge Type.’
  • In contacts, you can now create and save custom segments rather than having to filter through your contacts list. 
  • Organizations can now connect their QuickBooks account to Keela! 
  • Gearing up to send out an Eblast? You can now change your template during the editing process. This way, if you change your mind on the design, you won’t have to start from scratch.
  • If you’re managing campaigns, you can now change a campaign’s status from ‘Completed’ to ‘Ongoing’ from the list view.
  • You can customize your contacts even more in Keela. We’ve added functionality to allow users to choose which contact profile fields show in the contact highlights bar.
  • You can also display a contact’s First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, in the contacts view, as well as sort by these fields for added convenience.

Keela 1.0

February 18, 2020


  • When sending emails, you can now BCC a recipients’ Contact Profile in Keela by bcc’ing the BCC email address found in the Organization Settings.
  • You can also forward an email from a contact to be logged as an interaction in their Keela Contact Profile by selecting the FWD email address found in the Organization Settings. 

December 13, 2019


  • We’ve temporarily removed the ability for contacts to download receipt at check-out, to enhance performance during donation payments. The receipt will continue to be emailed to the donor directly after donation is received.

November 21, 2019


  • You can now add a full-page background image to your forms. Make sure you select ‘Public Link’ or the ‘Embed Button’ for this to be shown. 

August 19, 2019


  • Say hello to Donor Score. Now you can identify promising donors. It also allows you to determine those Contacts who may be less likely to respond to your fundraising efforts. 

June 17, 2019


  • You can now send out simple emails through the template builder. The Eblasts will look like normal emails from you. This is ideal for mass emails and fundraising appeals.

May 22, 2019


  • You can now cancel receipts that are uploaded in PDF format. The watermark “cancelled” will appear.


Eblast template builder enhancements: 

  • We added a new status called “Sending” in Eblasts;
  • If Eblasts take longer than 15 minutes to send, a new error message will be displayed; 
  • Added additional fonts to various Eblast elements;
  • Added clarity with an improved error message when using invalid Smart Codes;
  • Fixed YouTube URL generated thumbnail sizes;
  • Added the ability to change hyperlink colours;

May 7, 2019


  • We’ve added Revenue Analytics. This means that you can now use Keela’s reporting tools with your revenues — not just donations.
  • You now have the ability to record online donations as an organization through Keela forms.
  • You now have the ability to export revenues such as Grants, Sponsorships and Purchases.
  • You now have the ability to export interactions.

April 18, 2019


  • We improved the buttons in the Eblast Template Builder to make it easier to use, including additional prompts to save your work. We also moved around some of the buttons the make it easier to navigate the tool.

April 10, 2019


  • You can now cancel and reissue donation receipts. This enables you to cancel receipts, cancel receipts and re-issue immediately, and cancel receipts and re-issue at a later date.
  • You can now cancel donations. We’ve made it easy to cancel a donation record, so your donation records can stay neat and tidy. You can also cancel recurring donations that are scheduled to be logged in the future.

March 4, 2019


  • We made some changes to our Eblast template builder. Users can now use the drag and drop functionality to build templates for newsletters, fundraising, stewardship and promotions. 

January 2019


  • Say hello to Insights. Users are now able to see who is likely to donate to a campaign.


  • We have changed the way you are notified about the request for a cumulative receipt.
  • We made a quick wording change in the CRM — Instead of “Pending” you will now see “Scheduled”

October 17, 2018


  • You can create and track pledges on Keela. Now your team can incorporate pledges into your growth strategy.  (4584)

September 13, 2018


  • We’ve added the ability to add soft credits to revenues. (5233)
  • In Contact Profiles, we’ve added the ability to edit “website” (5299)


  • We’ve fixed a small bug that was preventing eblast templates from appearing correctly while using Firefox. (5296)
  • Fixed the currency symbols in Keela to accurately display other currencies such as € or £  (5369)

August 21, 2018


  • We’ve added a new organization-type for Canadian clients in Keela. You can now identify your organization as: A Canadian Registered Municipal or Public Body Performing a Function of Government in Canada. This also comes with the added function of issuing a new type of CRA-compliant donor receipt, specific to these types of organizations.  (5279)


  • We’ve improved the way information shows up in the Volunteer Record Import, to help it flow more logically. (5262)
  • We’ve added the ability to capture “Additional Phone Number” and “Additional Email” to your Form Builder.  (5267)

July 30, 2018


  • We’ve improved the Search functionality. The most accurate results show up, helping you navigate exactly where you need to. (5062)
  • We’ve made changes to the way information flows when you add a new Contact. These small changes will make capturing data a lot smoother. (4933)


  • We’ve fixed the ability to add a new Campaign directly through an Eblast. (5030)
  • When you generate a receipt, all donor information will be retained and reflected accurately. (5134)
  • We’ve fixed the ability to set a default currency across Organization Profile, Donations and Revenues. (5040)

June 26, 2018


  • You can now assign soft creditsWant to attribute a donation to one person, but apply a credit to someone else to show their role? Now it’s possible in Keela! (4183)
  • You can now customize what columns show up in your CRM view. With a simple drag and drop configuration, you can get quick access to the information that’s most important to you. (4209)
  • We’ve added a search bar to the Forms tab. Now you can find exactly what you’re looking for! (4837) 
  • Keela has added a way to manage email errors. Our email error management tool lets you view a list of contact whose email addresses bounced and enables you to make a decision on how to resolve email errors.  (4520)


  • Don’t like the Profile Picture you’ve added? Now you can delete them! (4793)
  • We’ve added the ability to add a suffix to names (such as Jr. or Sr.).  Now you can get the most accurate names tracked in your CRM. (4889)
  • Not using a Form anymore? We’ve added the ability to Archive and Delete Forms. (4838)


  • We’ve corrected an issue where processing fees weren’t showing up properly in the summary page of public donation forms. (4934)

May 28, 2018


  • Keela’s Forms are new and improved! You can now add some much needed customizations to track the information that’s meaningful to you. (4540)
  • Have a special title that you want to include for a contact? Now you can customize titles to track the most accurate information. (4566)


  • We’ve added pagination for Mailchimp Campaign imports. Now, all of your Mailchimp campaigns are available for import. (4526)
  • Get right to the information that matters most. Now you can customize what information shows up in your Contact Overview (4324)


  • We’ve corrected an issue where a background colour was showing up on your donation receipts. Now it’s all clear. Hopefully this will save your printer some ink! (4510)

May 2, 2018


  • •  We’ve improved the Membership Payment preview screen to include the most important information. (4407)
  • Entering monetary values was confusing. Now, we’ve limited the values to two decimal places, for clarity. (4394)
  • Not liking your Organization Logo? We’ve added the ability to delete the photo right from settings. (4446)

April 23, 2018



  • You can now track Revenues in a Campaign. (4263)
  • Your Events can now be ordered by date with better filtering options.  
  • We added the ability to track Middle Names in Revenues and Memberships. (4266)

April 9, 2018



 February 28, 2018


  • Get the most accurate donor information, with the added ability to have a middle name in a receipt. (3863)
  • Access the most relevant information quickly with the ability to drag and drop your pinned items. (3522)


  • You can now download sent eblasts as PDFs. (3800)
  • Now you can see the email account associated with the account an integration is connected to. (3773)
  • Show off your brand with added customizable tag colors! (3925)


  • We noticed that it was a bit difficult to re-sync your MailChimp contacts. We’ve fixed that for you with an easier process! (3927)

 January 31, 2018


  • You can now track emails from your Gmail account directly with Keela’s Google Chrome Extension. (3229)
  • Added the ability to add Cheque Numbers when you manually import donations. (3524)


  • Editing the filters on Quicklists is now simplified! You can toggle Advanced View On and Off.
  • You can gather more contact information — now there’s a place to record social media handles. (3606)
  • Ability to personalize your Thank-You messages with {{smartcodes}}. (3653)
  • Getting emails rejected isn’t fun. Now you can Unsubscribe this entire list or add them to a “Do Not Solicit” list. (3555)
  • We’ve added more filters to help you organize your information in Campaigns, Contacts and Projects. (3702, 3717, 3719)
  • When you’re looking at your reports, you now have the ability to edit multiple reports at once, allowing you to delete or clear the lists. Just click on the checkbox to select more than one at a time. (3621)


  • We noticed that there were some inconsistencies in the look and feel of our Dashboard. All smoothed over now! (3527)
  • Our Help Icons were acting a bit funny, and weren’t closing. So we fixed how they react when you click on them. (3568)

November 6, 2017


  • You can now send eblasts directly to Smart Lists. No more need to create a separate Tag.
  • Added the ability to add membership link shortcuts directly in your eblast template.


  • Now you can clone files when cloning tasks (great for creating templates!)
  • Impact areas in donations forms now appear as a dropdown menu
  • You can now edit the Subscribe Form button colours. Customization win!

October 12, 2017


  •  You can now create unique donation pages for all your campaigns. This lets you see the progress of your fundraising efforts for each individual campaign
  • We’ve added Breadcrumbs! These links help you navigate through Keela, creating a path, saving you time and frustration clicking around.


  • We’ve added sequential serial numbers to each donation (in addition to the donor ID)
  • You can now filter by showing dedication
  • Ability to filter Memberships by Donations and Volunteering
  • Added the ability to select Multiple or Single answers in Custom Fields


  • Our Task widget was a bit buggy! Now, it’s more reactive and changes in real-time.
  • Before, you couldn’t remove a contact’s profile picture. Our bad! We’ve fixed that here.

September 18, 2017


  • Keela now integrates with Mailchimp! Automatically import all of you Mailchimp data in your Keela CRM.
  • You can now add a photo to a contact profile. Start collecting those smiles!
  • We’ve added the Household Tab to the Contacts profile


  • Create a full Organization profile by adding your Instagram account
  • Ability to view the unsubscribed contacts for each tag
  • Ability to view unsubscribed tags for each contact.
  • Ability to customize colours in Donation Forms


  • We fixed a lot of the UI and UX within the menus. Now everything operates a bit smoother!

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