Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Engage a wider network of do-gooders by providing your fiercest supporters the tools to fundraise with you.

Allow your fundraisers to quickly set up and share individual or team fundraising pages that feed directly into your mission goals.

A man working on a laptop alongside snapshots of Keela's peer to peer tools including a campaign page, fundraiser page, and donation progress bar.

Create Campaigns that Convert

Get ready to raise with ready-to-go P2P templates for your campaign, your fundraisers, and even your email communications. You’re just minutes away from sharing  branded campaigns that will rouse your supporters.

Start with a template, add your flair, share it widely, onboard new fundraisers, and watch the donations pour in.

campaign page elements
top fundraisers

Support your Supporters

With customizable fundraising pages for teams and individuals, your supporters can easily showcase their passion for your mission with videos, images, and content updates.

Plus, with fundraiser email templates, you will make their role even easier by providing the perfect message to attract and inspire even more donors.

Track Common Goal Progress

Let your fundraisers take the wheel from a centralized hub. The Fundraiser’s Dashboard grants users behind the screen access to manage their personal or team campaign goals, respond to donor activity, invite team members, and copy email templates.

dashboard elements
donation form

Reach Further, Raise More

Exceed your goals with conversion optimized P2P donation forms. Donors from your supporter’s networks can choose to share their impact with social sharing buttons, opt-in with recurring giving, give words of encouragement, or even remain anonymous.

Reach Further and Raise More with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising!
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