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  • A Comprehensive Guide to Nonprofit Salaries

    Nonprofit Management

    Determining an appropriate salary can be challenging, you need good people, but how much should you be offering for the role?

    The best place to start is by looking at market rates to see what others in the same market are paying. This guide is complete with market rates, job description templates, and growth tools for Canadian and American Nonprofits.

  • Giving Tuesday Campaign Toolkit

    Donor Communications Fundraising
    We’ve put together this helpful toolkit to make sure you’re ready for Giving Tuesday well in advance.
    This complete campaign toolkit will help you set up donation pages, events, social media, and email campaigns and includes handy timelines and templates to keep you on track.
  • Tools

  • Nonprofit Annual Report Guide

    Donor Communications Nonprofit Management
    A successful nonprofit annual report could mean the difference between reaching your yearly goal – or falling flat. 
    We’ve compiled a sure-fire annual report template and a checklist to ensure you pull together a document your stakeholders can get inspired about. 
  • Grant Stewardship Checklist

    Fundraising Nonprofit Management
    This checklist runs through the nitty-gritty details of what to do once your grant application is accepted (or not), including the critical job of stewardship.
    Use it to ensure you’re cultivating the best possible relationships with funders – regardless of the outcome.
  • Giving Tuesday Campaign Brand Guide

    Donor Communications Fundraising Nonprofit Management Nonprofit Resources

    Giving Tuesday is an unbranded movement—this means you can create your nonprofit’s Giving Tuesday campaign with your branding while also taking advantage of GivingTuesday’s brand affinity.

    Use this brand guide to create design elements that’ll ensure your Giving Tuesday campaign stands out and resonates with donors.

  • Email Marketing Guide for Nonprofits

    Donor Communications Fundraising

    Data should drive every marketing decision your nonprofit makes. Including how you communicate.

    Use this guide to gain an understanding of five key email marketing metrics, and how they work together to help you craft meaningful email content that converts.

  • Nonprofit Mission Statement

    Nonprofit Management

    An excellent nonprofit mission statement can align team members, board members, volunteers and supporters to commit to your cause. Use this editable template to start crafting your nonprofit’s mission statement.

  • Nonprofit Advocacy Survival Guide

    Fundraising Nonprofit Management

    Sparking change at any level can be difficult, but especially at a federal one.

    Use this guide to learn what resources are available to get you in front of decision-makers and make a difference in the areas that matter most to you.

  • Nonprofit Operating Budget Template

    Nonprofit Management Reporting and Analytics

    With an operating budget, your organization can set realistic goals and communicate expectations clearly to your team and stakeholders. 

    Use this template to plan and track your nonprofit’s revenues and expenses for the fiscal year.

  • Impact Measurement KPI Dashboard

    Nonprofit Management Reporting and Analytics

    Impact Measurement KPIs help you gauge your organization’s progress as you work towards your project or programming goals. 

    Use this dashboard as a template for tracking your nonprofit’s progress and impact over time. This will be particularly helpful when writing your next impact report or sharing impact stories.

  • A Nonprofit Guide to Impact Measurement

    Nonprofit Management Reporting and Analytics
    Nearly every nonprofit organization has asked themselves the question, “are we really making a difference?”
    This course walks you through your impact management journey to show just how easy it is to measure your nonprofit’s impact once you have a framework in place.
  • Grant Preparation Toolkit

    Fundraising Nonprofit Management
    When writing grants, you need to make sure everything from the story of your organization to the description of your future projects ties in with the specific requirements for each individual grant. 
    Enter the Grant Preparation Toolkit. This worksheet helps you organize your application and write a compelling proposal.
  • Communication Style Quiz and Guide

    Donor Communications Nonprofit Management

    Great Communication starts by understanding who you’re talking to.

    Use this guide to learn what your preferred communication style(s), strengths and blindspots are, as well as how to adjust your communication style to work better with people of different styles.

  • A Guide to Online Fundraising Events

    Fundraising Nonprofit Management

    Online fundraising events help you raise awareness about your nonprofit’s mission so you can reach more donors.

    Use this guide to prepare your team and learn about the tools you need to ensure your next online fundraiser is your best yet.

  • Fundraising KPIs Toolkit

    Fundraising Reporting and Analytics

    Are your donors engaged? Is your organization growing? Are your email campaigns being effective?

    In this three-part toolkit, we include a guide and a master list of metrics you should really care about to determine the success of your organization, as well as a dashboard to track your data and measure your trends.

  • Digital Communication Policies Guide

    Donor Communications Nonprofit Management

    Is your organization sharing the right message?

    This guide will get you started on the right foot for creating comprehensive policies around your digital communications and fundraising efforts.

  • Content Calendar and Planner

    Donor Communications
    With this template, you can plan and start creating content that helps you tell your nonprofit stories, engage more donors, and maximize your marketing and fundraising efforts. 
    Use the brainstorm, calendar and snapshot sheets to organize and track your content. 
  • Donor Survey Lookbook

    Donor Communications Donor Management

    Donor Surveys are an important part of understanding who your supporters are and how they interact with your organization.

    Choose from three pre-made surveys in this lookbook, or build your own. by browsing from our list of commonly asked questions.

  • CRM Buyer’s Guide for Nonprofits

    Nonprofit Management
    The idea of buying nonprofit technology can be a daunting task. But not if you’re armed with the right resource! 
    This complete guide will help you evaluate your needs and shortlist CRM vendors so you can invest in the right tool for your organization. 
  • 7 Thank You Letter Templates

    Donor Management Fundraising
    Thanking your supporters is one of the most important things you can do as an organization. But it can be hard to get the ball rolling. Especially if you don’t know how to structure your thank you letter.
    Use these templates to break through the writer’s block. You’ll learn exactly how to nurture relationships with your donors, volunteers or partners and retain them for many years to come.
  • Impact Storytelling Toolkit

    Donor Communications

    Narratives play a crucial role in nonprofit brand awareness and growth.

    In this toolkit, you’ll find the resources you need to craft and share impact stories. You’ll learn the six essential elements of a good impact story and get access to a template so you can get a head start on your writing.

  • Nonprofit SWOT Analysis Worksheet

    Nonprofit Management
    SWOT Analysis is a straightforward technique that lets you examine your organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
    This worksheet includes a simple how-to guide, an example tailored to the nonprofit sector, and a template to help you conduct your own SWOT Analysis. 
  • Nonprofit Brand Guide

    Donor Communications Nonprofit Management
    A brand guide makes your organization’s marketing and communications easier and more efficient.
    Use this How-to Guide and Checklist to compile all the key elements you need to pull together an amazing brand guide.
  • Logic Model Template

    Nonprofit Management Reporting and Analytics

    A logic model is your first step in developing a framework to fulfill your nonprofit’s vision and mission. 

    Use this template to outline and assess your organization’s intended outcomes, programs, activities, inputs, and outputs. Think of it as the first step in a roadmap that leads to your organization’s intended impact. 

  • Donor Stewardship Matrix

    Donor Management Fundraising

    Stewarding donors is all about building meaningful donor relationships and encourage long-term support for your organization.

    With this template, you can chart stewardship activities for donors based on their gift size and frequency.

  • 2021 Canadian Fundraising Trends

    Donor Management Fundraising
    Tips, strategies, and checklists to prime your organization for success this year.
    Download the comprehensive guide and feel confident in starting the year off on the right foot.
  • 5 Email Templates for the Donor Journey

    Donor Management Fundraising
    Sending the right kind of message at just the right moment is the key to converting viewers into donors. 
    To achieve this, your secret weapon is understanding the Donor Journey. In this guide, we’ve put together 5 email templates for each stage of the Donor Journey.
  • Virtual Event Planning Template

    Fundraising Nonprofit Management
    This template lays out a timeline of what steps to take in the months, weeks, and days leading up to, and following your virtual event. It helps your team visualize how much work need to be done and what should be prioritized prior to the event.
  • US 2021 Fundraising Trends

    Donor Management Fundraising

    This guide will walk you through four emerging fundraising trends in the United States geared towards staying ahead of the curve in 2021.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit KPIs

    Fundraising Reporting and Analytics
    It’s human nature to want to progress, to grow, to improve. But how do you measure it?
    This complete guide will help you understand how to choose the right KPIs for your organization, how to create a KPI dashboard, and how to use metrics to tell a story. 
  • Fundraising Forecasting Tool

    Fundraising Reporting and Analytics
    This simple forecasting calculator will help you get a handle on your nonprofit’s expected revenue.
    Use it to accurately forecast major gifts, grant funding from foundations, government, and corporations, as well as individual and recurring donations, and more!
  • 10 Email Templates to Boost Recurring Donations

    Donor Communications Fundraising
    Email is the best place to ask donors to support you in the long term. But how do you successfully ask for recurring donations? And how do you keep your recurrent donors around? 
    These email templates will show you how.
  • 8 Donation Letter Templates

    Donor Communications Fundraising
    Fundraising appeals aren’t just a great way to secure donations. They’re also a fantastic opportunity to get your potential donors thinking about your brand.
    Use these 8 Donation Letter Templates to inspire donors and raise more money.
  • Workplace Health: Self-Stress Test

    Nonprofit Management

    Nonprofit workers should feel comfortable taking some time for themselves while working in an environment that makes them happy and productive. In the long run, this can only make your organization stronger.

    Take this Self-Stress Test to check in on your workplace health.

  • Building Your Donor Persona Template

    Donor Communications Donor Management
    The process of defining your audience is not a guessing game. 
    Every organization should know who their ideal audience is, who they are speaking to in every piece of content they write. In this guide, we show you how to define this as well as record it on the included Donor Persona Template.
  • Donor Lifetime Value Calculator

    Donor Management Reporting and Analytics

    What is donor LTV and why is it important?

    Here’s a free tool that makes it simple and easy to calculate donor LTV and improve your fundraising strategy.

  • Donation Page Checklist

    Fundraising Nonprofit Management

    Optimizing your donation page increases the likelihood of your donors to give.

    This checklist covers elements of your donation pages that you need to optimize to give your nonprofit organization the best chance at online fundraising success.

  • Google Ads Campaign Template

    Fundraising Reporting and Analytics

    Get examples of how to start your campaigns efficiently. In this Campaign Planner Template, we’ll help you organize your Google Ads Campaigns, choose your keywords, and most importantly, save you precious time!

  • Get to Know Your Donors

    Donor Communications Donor Management
    This 3-part guide will walk you through how to ask and track your donor preferences through surveys, segmentation, and other easy-to-use technologies, allowing you to understand who your ideal donor is and how to best reach them.
    Because knowledge is power. Especially when it comes to your next fundraising campaign.
  • Checklist for Hiring and Onboarding Remotely

    Nonprofit Management
    Our checklist will help you attract and retain talent through the surge in remote work, making sure you have the people power required to power up your mission.
    Download the onboarding guide for great staffing processes in 2021. 
  • Cash Flow Management Tool

    Nonprofit Management Reporting and Analytics
    Do you need to tighten up your budget? We created a simple tool to help you forecast your nonprofit budget for the 12 months ahead. 
    Use this tool to get a handle on your nonprofit finances. 
  • Corporate Sponsorship Template

    Hosting a virtual event is stressful – but ensuring you have enough sponsors to cover costs will leave you with a pit in the bottom of your stomach.
    Our template will show why your mission is important, why sponsors should care, and what they’ll receive in exchange for their support.
  • A Guide to Not-for-Profit Salaries in Australia

    Nonprofit Management

    Download Keela’s full guide to Not-For-Profit Salaries in Australia. Learn more about average not-for-profit salaries, job roles, and access to tools.