Guide Donor Engagement from Identification to Impact

Track your stakeholders’ movements with Keela’s Donor Pipeline tool and access powerful tools for prospecting, cultivation, solicitation, and impact evaluation. 

Donor pipelines hero image showing Keela's pipeline features

Track Your Supporters as they Move Through the Donor Pipeline Stages

Manage your donors and better understand where they are in their giving journey.

Boost Major Giving

Identify high-potential donors, create personalized cultivation plans, and strategically solicit contributions, ensuring you reach your major donor fundraising goals.

Manage Prospective Donors

Efficiently manage your pipeline of prospective donors by tracking interactions, setting cultivation milestones, and nurturing relationships.

Build Your Donor Development Strategy

Craft a robust donor development strategy that works for your unique fundraising needs. Feel empowered to design and implement effective plans that inspire giving.

Fundraising Pipeline Visualization

Access a clear and visual representation of your fundraising pipeline, allowing you to easily see where each donor is in the process and prioritize your efforts for the greatest return.

Customized Cultivation Plans

Tailor your major donor cultivation strategies within the fundraising pipeline stages. Create personalized plans for each prospective donor, helping you nurture relationships effectively.

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Impactful Reporting and Insights

Gain valuable insights into your donor cultivation cycle and evaluate the effectiveness of your donor pipeline management to identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Solicitation Strategy Optimization

Fine-tune your solicitation approaches, optimize timing, and ensure your asks are strategically aligned with each phase of the donor journey.

Track Your Fundraising Pipeline and Reach Your Goals!

Improved Fundraising Efficiency

Automate moves management, fundraising tasks, and stewardship messages, saving time and resources while increasing fundraising effectiveness.

Targeted Communication

Segment your donors based on their donor journey stage and tailor your communication strategies to see results. 

Enhanced Donor Engagement

Track and nurture donor relationships to ensure that supporters remain engaged and informed about your mission. 

Stronger Donor Management

Streamline the process of tracking, engaging, and nurturing your donors to build stronger and long lasting relationships.

Strategic Decision-Making

Gain insight and analytics that empower your team to make data-driven decisions and refine your fundraising strategies!

Increased Fundraising Success

Achieve your financial goals more efficiently by better understanding the stages of your donor journeys and how to move your donors through them. 

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