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Tools that give you the power to do more


People are the heart of your organization. Build better relationships.

Donor Management

Manage, track, and build relationships with donors who are critical to your fundraising

Volunteer Management

Manage, track, and communicate with your volunteers

Centralized Dashboard

See important information about your organization all in one place


Set up, manage, and track membership programs

Follow-Up Reminders

Create reminders and schedule follow-ups with constituents so you can stay on top of every opportunity

Duplicate Detection

Automatic detection of duplicates in your contact database

Fundraising Management

With Keela’s fundraising management tools, you can experience growth while streamlining tedious administrative tasks.

Customizable Donation Forms

Create and embed donation forms on your website to enable your donors to support your organization


Manage pledges and successfully keep track of donations raised

Recurring Donations

With monthly recurring donations, loyal donors can set it and forget it

Plan Events

Create and organize nonprofit events, including ticketing and attendees

Fundraising Report

Get insights into your fundraising health with a custom Fundraising Report

Automatic Receipts and Thank You Notes

Automatically issue donation receipts and send thank you notes to your donors to express your appreciation for their generous contributions

Nonprofit Intelligence

Make better decisions by being able to predict your donor’s next move. 

Donor Score 

Automatically rank donors according to giving behavior and organize them into categories

Campaign Recommendations

Automatically predict which donors are most likely to give to your next campaign 

Smart Ask 

Automatically tells you the ideal amount to ask for from each donor

Donor Readiness 

Know how likely your donor is to donate within the next two weeks

Email Marketing

Reach out to donors and keep your members and volunteers informed.

Email Templates

Design targeted emails and email templates to communicate with your donors, members, and volunteers

Contact Segmentation

Create segments in your contact database using customizable tags

Personalized Campaigns

Create campaigns to track results from fundraising efforts. Draft and schedule your e-blast campaigns to send out at the optimum time to reach your target audience

Email Metrics

Track the success of your campaigns with email analytics and metrics

Reporting Tools

Gain insight into your nonprofit and learn what makes you successful.

Campaign Analysis

Monitor and optimize the performance of your e-blast campaigns

Donation Reporting

Create insightful reports for stakeholders highlighting your fundraising efforts

KPIs and Benchmarking 

Use the KPIs dashboard to set goals for your organization and see how you compare to nonprofit metrics benchmark

Data Visualization

Create custom reports with data on your campaigns, fundraising, sponsorships, memberships and more


Keela integrates seamlessly with many popular software platforms. 


Connect Keela with SendGrid to track emails directly from Gmail, Outlook, or any email provider.


Connect Keela with QuickBooks Online to sync transactions and save time on accounting.



Connect Keela with QuickBooks Online to sync transactions and save time on accounting.


Connect with PayPal, receive donations through Keela seamlessly into your PayPal account. 


Connect Keela with MailChimp to import contacts into your CRM and manage your campaigns and subscribers.

And many many more….

Other popular integrations include Eventbrite for managing events. 

I highly recommend it.

“Keela is really easy to use. It’s also really easy to import your data from other systems and the live webinar-based training will help with any queries you may have. It is a great price too for non-profit organizations and it offers the functionality we need. 


Andi Simpson, Fundraising Director

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