Elevate Donor Communications with Keela’s Email Marketing for Nonprofits.

Connect the right message with the right donor at the right time with Keela’s suite of purpose-built direct and email communication tools.

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Keela’s Nonprofit Communications at a Glance


Fundraising Emails Sent from Keela Customers


Average Open Rate(vs. 14% Industry Average for Fundraising Emails)


Increase in new donors after a year of Keela

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Keela has fundamentally changed how I manage my organization’s donors and how I communicate with our community.

Kat Williams

Meaningful Connection Through Honest Communication

Share your story, send targeted appeals, and say thank you a million times over. 
Templates, automations, smart codes, and more help turn donor communication into donor connection.

Deepen Donor Relationships

Automatically keep track of interactions, conversations, and fundraising activities in one centralized database.

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Send Targeted Communication

Use intelligent contact insights to send emails at the right time to the right donors through their preferred channel.

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Automate Workflows

Easily steward your donors when you enroll them in automated email workflows for any occasion.

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Track Success

Powerful analytics and reporting tools show you how much your campaign raised and where you need to tweak.

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drag an drop email builder

Build Beautifully Branded Emails

With a library of ready-made, customizable templates, and our drag-and-drop builder, you can send branded emails in minutes. All Keela emails are optimized for mobile, so no matter what platform your donors or peer-to-peer fundraisers use, they’ll get beautifully designed emails right to their inbox.

Easily Embed Forms

Drop a Smart Ask Form into your next fundraising appeal and automatically ask each donor on your mailing list for the right amount. You can also embed donation, revenue, membership, or subscription forms to ensure you’re sending your donors campaigns that matter.

form customization tools
setting a contact preferred name

Know Your Audience

Whether it’s an email, direct mail, or a phone call, Keela syncs contact data directly with your marketing efforts. Easily create segmented lists based on a contact’s propensity to give, communications preferences, geography, and more. Smart Codes pull information like name, job title, and organization into your communications and add an extra touch of personalization.

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Send Direct Appeals

Let your contacts decide how they want to be reached. Respect classic preferences and use the Direct Mail tool to send appeals, thank you letters, and annual reports right to your donor’s door.

direct appeal workflow
donation summary inserted in an email

Share Your Impact

Encourage recurring giving by demonstrating the impact a donation has made. Use the Donation Summary content block in direct and email campaigns to wow your contacts with their own generosity.

A group of SheJumps members on a mountain holding SheJumps signs

See how She Jumps added over 8,000 supporters to their mailing list using Keela

Keela’s emails saw an average open rate of 44.5%, which is about 20% higher than our normal average open rate.”

– Angela Crampton, Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Let your story do the fundraising

Email Builder

A drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create and save your own beautifully branded emails and templates.


Get inspired with our library of pre-built templates. They’re completely customizable so you can start communicating in minutes.

High Deliverability Rates

Emails from Keela always land in-box. Send emails from your domain and see higher deliverability rates with our Sendgrid integration.

Anti-Spam Compliance

Automatically updates anti-spam requirements, including a history of where, when, and how your contacts subscribed or unsubscribed.

Smart Ask Forms

Embed Smart Ask forms right in your email so you can directly ask donors for the perfect amount.

Automated Drip Campaigns

Automate outreach, welcome series, and stewardship with drip campaigns and workflows.

Best Way to Reach Out

Ensure you are always using a contact’s preferred method of communication.

Donation Summaries

Send customized donation summaries to thank donors for their contributions and show their impact for your organization.

Tags and Segments

Create smart lists with tags and segments so you can tailor your message to a particular audience.

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