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Improve your donor communications using Keela’s powerful, intuitive email marketing platform

Simple, beautiful, effective emails can be created in minutes.

Our drag-and-drop editor lets you send beautiful emails and newsletters to keep your supporters engaged. You can track the performance of every email to get the most out of your campaigns.

Keela’s email marketing at a glance


Fundraising Emails Sent from Keela Customers


Average Open Rate(vs. 14% Industry Average for Fundraising Emails)


Increase in new donors after a year of Keela

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Their integrated eBlasts are easy to set up and the layout and templates are nice and flexible. I no longer use an external email system. I do everything within Keela. They’ve recently rolled out a completely new interface that I love and they’re adding new functions and features all the time. One of the best things about Keela though is their customer support. They respond quickly. I have a direct rep who is quick to address any problems or questions I have and she does a fantastic job of helping. They’re open to input and suggestions. They have an idea portal where you can suggest new features and they actually work on implementing ideas regularly. 

Doug Keesey – Review on Capterra
Executive Director
Mental Health Care, 11-50 employees

Send personalized emails

Keela knows donor communication is what takes most of your time, that’s why we have integrated email marketing with our CRM to make communicating with donors personalized, impactful, and simple. 


Create Beautiful Emails

Automatically keep track of all your conversations, interactions, and fundraising activities in one, centralized database.

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Send Targeted Communication

Use Intelligent contact insights to send emails at the right time, to the right donors.

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Automate Workflows

Easily steward your donors when you enroll them in automated email workflows for any occasion.

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Deepen Donor Relationships

Use automation to connect with your donors at each touchpoint to keep your mission top of mind.

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Track Success

Maximize success by using powerful analytics and reporting tools to make small campaign adjustments.

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Send beautiful, effective emails

With a library of pre-built templates and our drag-and-drop builder, you can control all aspects of the look and feel of your emails. Increase open rates and drive-up conversions through engaging content and reader-friendly designs that can be created in minutes. All our emails are optimized for mobile, so no matter what platform your donors use, they’ll get beautifully designed emails right to their inbox.

Already an email building wiz? You can create and save your own branded templates to use at any time. 

Customers see an immediate improvement on deliverability rates when switching over to Keela due to our Sendgrid Integration. 



Grow your email lists and cater your message to each audience

Capture information and organize contacts into segmented lists, ready for your emails. Keela makes it easy to acquire new contacts and grow those lists.

Automated Email Workflows

Take back valuable time while giving your contacts the attention they deserve.

Your constituents can be automatically enrolled in any number of automated email workflows and sent timely, personalized communications.

Create a welcome series when they subscribe to your newsletter, promptly follow up donations with thank you letters, and so much more.


Craft messages that resonate

The more information you have on your donors, the better you can cater to their preferences. By integrating with your donor database, Keela uses a mixture of custom tags and Intelligent contact insights to identify ideal donors for your next email campaigns.

Targeted messaging allows you to send content chosen based on your contact’s insights to make sure you’re sending the right message to the right donor, every time.


Use personalization and automation to build long-term partnerships

Personalized emails can generate donation amounts up to 6x times higher than generalized ones. It normally takes hours to do this manually, but Keela does it for you. Automatically add donor names, titles, organizations and other custom fields to send personalized messages accurately and quickly. 

Besides thank you letters and donation receipts, you can automate personalized emails for newsletters, organization updates, donation asks, and other touchpoints in the donor journey. 

Asking supporters to take the next step has never been easier.



Set measurable goals and track results

Go from good to great. Easily set goals for your email campaigns and watch your fundraising dollars climb. Keela has powerful built-in analytics and reporting tools that make it easy to monitor important metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates giving you the ability to adjust your messaging in order to maximize your campaign. 

Testing, optimizing, testing optimizing. Keela gives you the data you need to do it right.


We’ve received nothing but glowing reviews on our new emails. Everyone loves them!


Amanda Snow
Fund Development Coordinator

Be top of inbox, top of mind with Keela

Email Builder

A drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy to build beautiful emails


Ready-to-use templates for the most common nonprofit communications and emails

CRM for Nonprofits

Subscription Forms

Anti-Spam Compliance

Automatically includes all up-to-date anti-spam requirements, including a history of where, when, and how your contacts subscribed or unsubscribed

Smart Ask Forms

Embed Smart Ask Forms in emails to ensure you ask for the right amount, every time

Automated Drip Campaigns

Automate your email outreach and stewardship with drip campaigns and workflows

Open Rates

Understand when email subject lines are not working with open rate metrics

Click Rates

Determine whether or not your calls-to-action are effective by examining click rate

Track Unsubscribes

Adjust your messaging if you find that unsubscribe rates are high for a certain list

Campaign Segmentation

Organize fundraising targets by campaign and keep your fundraising organized

Automated Reminders

Manage deadlines with automatic reminders and notifications

Tags and Segments

Create tags and Smart Lists to target your message to the right audience

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