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How SheJumps Acquired 1,700+ Donors in 18 Months Using Keela

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Using Keela, SheJumps has successfully converted event registrants to supporters, improved their email communications, diversified fundraising opportunities, and deepened relationships with donors, volunteers, and community members.


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How Keela Supports SheJumps

Strategic Communications

SheJumps uses Keela’s Email Communication tool to re-engage past donors, segment their growing contact lists, and connect with community members digitally.

Relationship Tracking

SheJumps uses Keela’s Email Marketing Dashboard and Reporting Tools to analyze donor and fundraising data for internal reporting purposes, inform their fundraising strategies and develop meaningful donor relationships.

Skills Development

The SheJumps team leverages Keela’s premium care support and training services, webinars, and resources to learn sector-wide best practices, upskill themselves and gain the expertise needed to maximize the product’s features.

Event Management

SheJumps imports Eventbrite contacts into Keela and uses Keela to tag and filter these contacts into segments for future communication and fundraising opportunities.


Build, nurture and grow donor relationships outside of in-person events and engagement activities.

SheJumps is a women-led charity organization committed to unearthing the potential of all women and girls through outdoor play and connection to nature.

What started as a support system in 2007 for women athletes has grown into a diverse community of women coming together to participate in safe, fun, and educational outdoor activities that nurture growth and transformation.

Over the past 15 years, SheJumps has created more than 36,000 opportunities to step out of their comfort zones, engage in non-threatening, inclusive environments, and learn essential outdoor skills. None of these opportunities would be possible without the incredible support and work of the organization’s volunteers and team members.

Headshot of Angela Crampton Marketing and Partnerships Manager at SheJumps

The driving force behind SheJumps’ impact is the commitment and dedication of SheJumps volunteers. With 170+ volunteers throughout the United States and Canada, the volunteers bring various passions and skillsets to the table. With a small full-time staff, we’ve learned a lot over the years and have made adjustments on how to engage volunteers in many different regions that have different outdoor landscapes.

Angela Crampton, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at SheJumps

The organization’s emphasis on outdoor events meant that relationships with volunteers, partners, and donors were usually developed through in-person events and engagement activities. When the pandemic hit, the SheJumps team had to consider alternative, digital means of connecting with their community.

“We really want to continue to connect with our community. With the pandemic, we realized a need to do [this] not only at in-person events but also through digital activations. We started exclusively using Keela for emails in December 2020, and I’ve enjoyed seeing the growth of our email marketing campaigns with being able to import contacts from Eventbrite.”

Since switching to Keela’s email communication tool, the organization’s average email open rate has grown from 21.6% to 33% (December 2020 to March 2022). They’ve added 8,000 new contacts since July 2021 to their mailing list.

One would expect the organization’s average email open rate to drop as the mailing list size increases, but SheJumps’ commitment to building meaningful relationships through honest communication and strategic, targeted messages using Keela has proven to be incredibly impactful.

Solution and Results

Keela’s integrations and email communication features enable SheJumps to convert event attendees to supporters, segment contacts and send targeted messages strategically.

With a number of its winter programs (such as Alpine School, Junior Ski Patrol, Avalanche Education courses, and Snowpack Scholarship) available to women, girls, and non-binary people who identify with the women community, the SheJumps team tend to see a spike in their digital performance from October through March. This presents a unique opportunity for the organization to strategically target and engage with community members while having a good sample size for measuring campaign performance.

The SheJumps team used Keela’s email communication tools to reengage past donors, segment their growing list of contacts, and connect with community members by introducing them to Board members and volunteers. They took advantage of the detailed insights and reports provided by the email marketing dashboard and used that information to create deeper connections with donors and community members.

We used Keela to send [messages] to all our email subscribers and followed up with past donors with segmented messages. Throughout the campaign, the Keela [emails] saw an average open rate of 44.5%, which is about 20% higher than our normal average open rate. We utilize Keela campaigns and forms for nearly all of our individual giving efforts and can trace nearly $250,000 of donation revenue from Keela forms over the course of our time using Keela.”

Since most SheJumps programs and events are held outdoors, the team integrates Eventbrite with Keela. They can easily import their Eventbrite registrant lists into Keela and target these contacts for future event promotion and fundraising opportunities. This integration allows the
organization to grow its subscriber base over time.

“SheJumps started using Keela as a primary donation platform. [But] with more dedicated staff, we’ve migrated our email lists into Keela to utilize segments and tags to create a better experience for our donors, functioning as our primary CRM system. As an organization that hosts 150+ events, we use Keela to import Eventbrite contacts and tag them appropriately for future communications and donation requests.”

Looking Ahead

SheJumps will explore Keela’s Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tool and Automation Feature to extend their reach, streamline operations, and succeed in future campaigns.

Throughout the recent winter campaign and over the past year and a half, the features and services offered by Keela have allowed the team to diversify their fundraising efforts while deepening their relationships with existing and new donors. This means that SheJumps can boost its donor retention rate over time, raise more funds, and, more importantly, continue to make outdoor activities more accessible for women.

A SheJumps memeber assiting another member on the mountain

The SheJumps team plans to continue leveraging Keela’s world-class support, hands-on training, and educational resources to upskill themselves and meet the organization’s long-term goals.

“Our goal is to continue to make the outdoors more accessible and equitable. We’re excited to start hosting in-person events again to reconnect with our community face-to-face. If we were to consider a large-scale fundraising effort to honor our anniversary, we would tap Keela for more comprehensive campaign planning/analysis tools. You can find more of our goals for the upcoming years in our newly updated Strategic Plan.”

In the coming months, SheJumps will be exploring Keela’s new Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tool and Automation Feature to extend their reach and streamline their operations, particularly as they prepare for their next fundraising climbs campaign.

You can learn more about SheJumps’ impact here.

Create Meaningful Connections Using Keela

Like SheJumps, you can start attracting new donors, deepening relationships with supporters, and having honest, engaging interactions with your community.

Keela’s CRM has all the templates, automation, smart codes, and donor insight you need to share your story, send targeted appeals, steward donors and track your success. Now’s the time to turn your routine donor communication into meaningful connections.

Start Growing with Keela Today

With tools to streamline your nonprofit’s fundraising and donor communications and a world-class customer care team excited to guide you every step of the way, scaling your organization’s growth with Keela has never been easier.

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