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Available Services

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Data Services

We clean up, format, and import your existing data.

*Quote dependent on data source and volume

Payment Processor Integration

We integrate your selected payment processor(s) with your Keela account.

$100 per integration

Form Creation

We utilize best practices to create and match branding for your Donation, Membership, Volunteer, Subscription, and Custom forms.

$100 – $150 per form

Form Publishing

We liaise with your webmaster and embed your forms on your website.

$100 per form


We access your CRM to export your existing data to your Keela account.

*Quote dependent on data source and volume

Connect Your Domain to Keela (SendGrid)

We integrate your domain with SendGrid to enhance your email delivery and communications.

*Contact for pricing

Importing Recurring Subscriptions From Stripe

We seamlessly transfer your recurring subscriptions from Stripe to Keela, ensuring continuity for your donors and supporters.

*Contact for pricing

Custom Request

We assess each request individually to provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

*Contact for pricing
Danielle Kaftarian from The Period Purse

You all are Next Level Wonderful.

I really appreciate you not only answering my questions but teaching me so I can learn.

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Danielle Kaftarian, Operational Manager
The Period Purse

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