We are committed to doing good.

The Keela team includes passionate individuals who have worked for, volunteered with, and sat on boards of nonprofits. Together, we strive to give back to our communities by empowering nonprofit professionals to reach and engage more donors.

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“As a company, we don’t just make software. We believe in positively impacting the world. The values of social and environmental responsibility are central to our philosophy and inform everything we do at Keela.”
Nejeed Kassam, Founder and CEO

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What We Do

Keela is a suite of fundraising tools that allow nonprofits to improve donor relations through a targeted, multi-channel communications and marketing approach. 

We take the guesswork out of fundraising and donor communications, giving fundraisers and nonprofit marketers more time to focus on attracting and stewarding the right relationships.

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Who We Help

From nonprofits advocating for civil rights and social justice to organizations focusing on tackling mental health issues and childhood hunger, Keela supports thousands of nonprofits and charities worldwide with the tools they need to work efficiently and further their mission.

What We Value


Agility is the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to changing circumstances. Embodying this value means being flexible, responsive, and comfortable with ambiguity.


To share in and engage with the feelings of others through active listening, acceptance, emotional sensitivity, and genuine curiosity.


To reimagine an existing product in a way that redistributes value. Whether it’s disruptive, incremental, or radical, innovation requires curiosity and bold risk-taking.


Taking ownership means fully accepting the opportunities and responsibilities within your role. It means holding yourself accountable for your decisions, shortcomings (mistakes), and successes.

Candor with Commitment

Candor with Commitment means being open to different perspectives and communicating honestly while staying committed to team decisions and outcomes.


Tenacity means having the resilience, determination, persistence, and courage to pursue our goals with relentless passion and unwavering focus.

We’re a Certified B Corp.

Since 2016, Keela has been held to a higher standard. We balance purpose and profit by considering the impact of our decisions on our staff, customers, and community.

Our Impact assessment ensures we meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance.

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We’re Inclusive, Equitable, and Diverse

Our team currently hails from 17 countries and countless walks of life. We drink coffee, Chai, and Chapman.

We’re Women-Led, with 57% of Keela’s leadership team identifying as women.

What does Keela mean?

In Swahili, ‘Kila’ means “every” or “all.” 

Keela was founded on the principle that we can all make a difference together. We believe that robust, integrated solutions should be accessible to all organizations and initiatives—big or small. Everyone who shares in our commitment to doing good is welcome here.


Keela has helped nonprofit organizations around the world raise $2 billion and counting.

Watch our teaser video to learn how Keela can help your organization do the same.

Committed to Good?