Build stronger relationships by really getting to know your donors

Keela is a cloud-based software that lets you manage every contact, donor, volunteer, or member in one comprehensive system. 

Whether your focus is human services, environmental advocacy, social justice, religious services, arts, or education, with Keela you’ll be able to stay organized, save time and increase your impact… while you grow.

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 I like everything about Keela. Their contact/donor management is powerful and thorough. Their forms are easy to set up for any need you might have – donor, subscription, membership, or other custom needs. Also, there is no limit to the number of forms you can create so you can have different forms for different campaigns, donor contact segments, responses to eBlasts, etc. Their integrated eBlasts are easy to set up and the layout and templates are nice and flexible. I no longer use an external email system. I do everything within Keela.

Doug Keesey – Review on Capterra
Executive Director
Mental Health Care, 11-50 employees

Keep Track

Automatically keep track of all your conversations, interactions, and fundraising activities in one, centralized database.

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Build Relationships

Know who your contacts are so every interaction feels genuine and meaningful.

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Reach Out

Reach out to your contacts strategically. Plan it out with automatic follow-ups and scheduled reminders.

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Get a clear picture of your interactions

Contact history will show you every touchpoint in your contact’s journey so you know exactly where you left things and what you promised each individual. No need to manage multiple databases for different types of contacts. With Keela, you can track every type of contact with tags, custom fields, segments, filters, reports, and more all from the convenience of one, centralized database. 

Plus you can choose what type of data to export, and when, with custom exports. Don’t get bogged down in the data. Use, create, and save templates for exporting the exact information you need to be effective. 


Stop managing and start engaging

Building relationships is the single most important element in fundraising. Keela can help you nurture these relationships by collecting key data and giving you intelligent insights to reach your donors where they already are.

Our CRM makes sure you never need to ask for a phone number or a date of birth twice. Once a contact is logged in Keela, all of that information is available at your fingertips. No more guessing. No more confusion. Just a great experience for you and your donors. 



Send efficient, timely communication that matters

Improve your donor stewardship by sending hyper-personalized communications. Build effective campaigns with Keela’s eblast builder, schedule them, and track those interactions, then set up reminders and task alerts so nothing falls through the cracks. Looking for a more traditional route? You can create a custom template for mail merge that will export donor address data, making mailing labels easy.

At Keela, everything is connected, and your CRM is the key that unlocks the power of your existing donor information. 

The only nonprofit software you will ever need

Donor Management

Manage, track, and build relationships with donors who are critical to your fundraising efforts.

Volunteer Management

Manage, track, and communicate with your volunteers.


Set up, manage, and track membership programs.


“you are all amazing and we are in for the journey as Keela develops and grows. There are very few companies I have come across that value each and every client and their needs with the same care and attention the way that Keela do. Your training and education is unexpected and appreciated. One of the stand outs for me is the personalised videos that are created in response to some of my questions – they give clarity and little room for confusion.”

Sue Liptrott,

Keela is your all-in-one, powerful platform


Build and customize forms to collect information online. Easily embed forms right on your website.

Custom Fields

Track the information that is most useful to your team with custom fields.

CRM Updates

Information collected through your Keela forms automatically update your CRM records.

Custom exports

Select fields you want to export, use saved templates, and access your export history for ultimate flexibility over your data.


A central location for every interaction you have with a contact, whether it is a call, email or a cup of coffee.

Institutional memory

A place that stores the history of a contact, allowing anyone to dive in and pick up where you left off.

Duplicate Detection

Automatic detection of duplicates in your contact database.

Follow Up Reminders

Create reminders and schedule follow-ups with constituents so you can stay on top of every opportunity.

Relationship Tracking

Track and manage households, relations, or employer information between different constituents.


Give access to your team, board of directors, and volunteers but control the spread of information.

Tags and Segments

Create tags and Smart Lists to organize your database for every touchpoint.

Contact Badges

View badges for a quick understanding about a contact’s potential.


Keela integrates seamlessly with many popular software platforms.


Connect Keela with SendGrid to track emails directly from Gmail, Outlook, or any email provider.


Connect with PayPal, receive donations through Keela seamlessly into your PayPal account.


Connect Keela with QuickBooks Online to sync transactions and save time on accounting.


Connect Keela with MailChimp to import contacts into your CRM and manage your campaigns and subscribers.



Connect to Stripe enabling payment processing functionality to collect donations and have them deposited directly into your organization’s account.

And many many more…

Other popular integrations include Eventbrite for managing events.

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