Never Miss an Opportunity to Build Lasting Relationships

Donor management software is your north star and a guiding light towards fundraising success. You should have a CRM that acts as a single source of truth for all of the information you need to build stronger donor relationships.

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Maximize Your Data to Better Understand Your Supporters

Store All Data in a Centralized Location

Gain a comprehensive view of your supporters with Keela’s seamless imports and integrations, allowing you to fully understand their current and past interactions with your organization.

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Predict Your Supporters’ Next Move

Keela’s data analytics tools provide real-time insights and predictions about your supporters’ behavior so you can proactively engage and steward them to their next gift.

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Add a Personal Touch to Supporter Outreach

Let Keela store the donor information you care about the most so that you can target different segments with personalized communications – a proven driver of increased donor retention!

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Find New Donors Using Just Your Data!

See how one nonprofit, Black Health Alliance, acquired over 1000 new donors in one year using Keela.

“Keela offers membership, volunteer, revenue, and engagement tracking. To have all of those pieces on the same platform is nothing short of amazing!”

– Paul Bailey Executive Director

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Sections of the Keela interface showing a segmented list, contact insights, and email communications to a contact

Acquire and Retain More Donors with Segmented, Targeted, and Personalized Communications

Drive engagement and revenue growth with Keela’s powerful segmentation tools, AI-powered donor behavior insights, and multi-channel communication tools.

Get the Inside Scoop: Track Donor Stories

Uncover the hidden insights in your supporters’ interactions, donations, and conversations. Then, use Keela’s tracking tools to better understand your donors’ journeys and create personalized segments to watch their support grow!

Sections of the Keela interface showing a contact and their interaction history

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Effortlessly Guide Every Supporter Through a Customized Journey

Increase engagement and efficiency with impactful donor journeys. Automate a welcome series for new donors, easily set up outreach campaigns, and create a seamless experience for your donors.

Discover How Keela’s CRM Can Help You Deepen Donor Engagement 

Keela is more than a CRM for us. It has created inspiration for building a journey for our donors and sponsors.

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The Nonprofit CRM that Delivers Positive Results

Increased Revenue. Stronger Relationships. Happy Fundraisers. Keela does it all.

Grow Your Recurring Giving Program

Keela’s forms offer recurring giving prompts to turn one-time donors into lifelong supporters.

Maintain a Clean Database

Let Keela tidy up your messy data with automatic duplicate detection.

Collect the Right Information

Unlimited custom fields on Keela’s forms allow you to make data-driven decisions based on the information you find the most valuable.

Access Real-Time Information

Data collected through Keela’s forms is automatically updated in your contact profiles, allowing you to better understand what makes your donors tick.

Identify More Major Donors

Keela’s contact insights analyze your donors’ engagement and highlight your strongest major gift prospects.

Honor Donor Preferences

Keela’s smart recommendations take the guesswork out of fundraising by showing you the best time to reach out and the right amount to ask each donor.

Track Relationships

Gain a deeper understanding of your donors by tracking their family relationships, connections to other donors, employment information, and more.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Combine donor demographics with wealth data to better understand every donor’s giving capacity.

Accurately Report on Progress

Every touchpoint with your donors is updated in Keela for seamless reporting and communications.

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