Donor Management Done Right

Your contacts are the core of your mission, so we made a CRM the core of Keela to help you build better donor relationships.

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Keep Your Contacts Central

With a CRM at its center, Keela’s donor management software makes it easier to store, manage, and act upon constituent data directly from contact profiles or across your collective communication and fundraising channels.

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Keep Track of Interactions

Automatically keep a living record of every conversation, donation, and interaction that you have made with your Contacts since they joined your organization. Filtering by interaction type means deeper segmentation and deeper conversation.

Build Relationships with Every Contact

Know who your contacts are so every interaction feels genuine and meaningful. Contact Insights indicate how engaged your donors are, what campaigns they are likely interested in, and when the best time to make the ask is.

Contact profile and insights
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Reach Out and Stay Connected

Reach out and steward your contacts with strategic communications using electronic and direct mail. Smart codes pull contact information directly into your message for the ever personalized touch.

Watch our video to learn more about Keela as a CRM 

Keela product video

This is more than a CRM for us! This software created inspiration for building a journey for our donors and sponsors. It provides us with numbers at our fingertips and knowledge is power.

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More than a CRM


Build and customize forms to collect information online. Easily embed forms right on your website.

Custom Fields

Unlimited Custom Fields allow you to keep track of, and report on, any piece of contact data important to you.

CRM Updates

Information collected through your Keela forms automatically update your CRM records.

Contact Insights

Badges identify a contact’s engagement level, readiness to donate, and major donors.

Smart Recommendations

Keela determines what could be next for each contact based on historical interactions and giving.

Relationship Tracking

Track and manage households, relations, or employer information between different constituents.

Capacity to Give

Donor demographics and census data indicate whether a donor may have the capacity to give generously.

Automatic Updates

Keela talks to itself. Every contact touchpoint is updated across the system for seamless reporting and communicating.

Duplicate Detection

Cut down on communication complications and overages by automatically merging duplicate contacts.

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