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Small Shop Strategies SproutED Logo

SproutED Course

Truth: Being an executive director is hard. Being an ED of a small shop AND having no resources, road map or community is almost impossible. This course is a 12-month+ self-paced learning journey to make running a nonprofit not so hard.


Wow Digital logo

3 Words to Increase Your Donations 20%

Government funding is just the start. Achieve more with these tips.

Additional funding will help your goals, providing programming, services, events, and awareness. Everything you need for success.


The Talking Shizzle Podcast

Tune in regularly to get all the marketing sizzle, drizzle, fo’ shizzle
that your little heart desires for growing your bizzle.

We’re into helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and social do-gooders of the world get more marketing shizzle done.

Consultant Partners

Database Management IT/Technology

Alignment Ops Business Consulting

Alignment Ops is a boutique technology and operations consultancy serving social ventures and nonprofits.


Your Mission Possible

I am a fundraising consultant that has been in the nonprofit sector for over a decade. Our company works with a variety of nonprofit clients, providing an innovative, unique approach to nonprofit marketing and fundraising.

Fundraising Strategic Planning

Hussey Philanthropic Consulting

Hussey Philanthropic Consulting is a 2nd generation family firm that is passionately committed to empowering philanthropy.

Nonprofit Nation Logo

Fundraising Digital Marketing

Julia Campbell Social Marketing

Based in Boston, Julia Campbell is a global authority on digital storytelling, with happy clients spanning the globe from Moscow to San Francisco.

KOJA Consulting logo

Project Management

KOJA Consulting

KOJA Consulting offers professional project management services, specializing in part-time projects.
If your team needs a skills and capacity boost to achieve a goal, KOJA is here to help.

Wow Digital logo

Digital Marketing Branding

WOW Digital Inc.

You’re making the world a better place. We’ll help you change more lives. We provide website design and digital marketing for nonprofits, charities, and NGO’s will free consults!

Ruth Davy & Associates logo

Fundraising Strategic Planning

Ruth Davy & Associates

Building capacity for the nonprofit sector; improving strategy, systems and outcomes. 30 years experience in building capacity & empowering communities.

The Good Partnership logo

Fundraising Strategic Planning

The Good Partnership

We help small charities do more for less. Your work is too important. Your time is too precious. Your well-being non-negotiable. Your vision irreplaceable. We are here to help, so you can change the world.

Phil logo

Strategic Planning Branding


Phil is a full-service agency with over 20 years experience in nonprofit strategy, fundraising and communications. We believe in a world built on a foundation of social, moral and environmental responsibility.

Devine & Parker Consulting logo

Database Management Strategic Planning

Devine & Parker Consulting

Devine & Parker Consulting provides technology strategy, training, and support for nonprofit teams.

Small Shop Strategies logo

Digital Marketing Strategic Planning

Small Shop Strategies

Do you want systems that will transform your productivity? Structure that will eliminate the guesswork? Strategies that will stop the overwhelm? Meet Rachel from Small Shop Strategies.

Al-Waheed Consulting logo

Fundraising Grant Writing

Al-Waheed Consulting Group Inc.

Contribute to the growth and development of not-for-profit organizations, social services agencies, and community development corporations.

Nomadic Secure Solutions logo

IT/Technology Database Management

Nomadic Secure Solutions

Nomadic Secure is a New York based IT managed service provider. Our chief differentiators are our focus on security, process improvement, and compliance.

Cedar Fundraising logo

Database Management Fundraising

Cedar Fundraising

Cedar Fundraising was created to help organizations find the resources they need to change the world for the better. They deeply value community building and problem solving; They use these interests and skills to help organizations achieve great things.

Cathexis Partners logo

Database Management Fundraising

Cathexis Partners

Founded in 2008, Cathexis Partners helps nonprofit organizations use technology to raise funds and engage supporters effectively and efficiently.

Nonprofit.Courses logo

Accounting Fundraising


Boss needs a report you never heard of? Have a tough concept to explain to a volunteer? Board need training on… well… everything? Nonprofit.Courses is your one-stop educational resource for all-things nonprofit. You get open access to thousands of videos, podcasts and documents from hundreds of Content Experts, with no paywall or no membership – and most are free!

Barlele logo

Branding Content Management


CEO and Founder of Barlele. I’ve been in the nonprofit tech sector since 2007. At Barlele we help organizations, small businesses and startups tell their brand story in a way that resonates with their target audience.

Stewardship Ambassadors Logo


Stewardship Ambassadors

Train your team with spiritual preparation and leave for the field with informed, committed Partners and not just Donors. We’ll help you create and practice to executive your Partnership Development as Discipleship.

Faithful Servant Consulting logo

Fundraising Database Management

Faithful Servant Consulting

Faithful Servant Consulting is led by Saskatoon local, Pamela Giles, in a partnership to aid smaller Canadian charities with all aspects of fundraising and communications.

Fawkes + Holly logo

Fundraising Strategic Planning

Fawkes + Holly

Fawkes & Holly is a team of Vancouver-based fundraising and communications professionals who are committed to helping passionate people thrive in the nonprofit sector.

Newman Consulting logo

Fundraising Strategic Planning

Newman Consulting

Let us help you meet your fundraising goals! Newman consulting is a boutique fund development consulting firm based in Alberta Canada.

Ever Nimble logo

IT/Technology Database Management

Ever Nimble

Ever Nimble is a team of experts in IT support, cyber security, and cloud technology, based in Perth and Melbourne in Australia, and Swansea in the United Kingdom.

Barbara J. Fraser & Associates logo


Barbara J. Fraser & Associates

I work with small to medium-sized non-profits to effectively manage information, streamline processes and develop detail and aggregate reporting and analytics.

Kathy MacFarlane Leadership Consulting logo

Fundraising Strategic Planning

Kathy MacFarlane Leadership Consulting

Kathy MacFarlane is a fundraising consultant working in Leadership development, organizational development, fund development, spiritual intelligence coaching, personal growth, visioning and values.

Carlson Roberts Seely LLP logo


Carlson Roberts Seely LLP

Carlson Roberts Seely LLP is a growing public accounting firm that provides a wide range of audit, tax and financial advisory services to the public and private sectors.

Development Consulting Solutions

Fundraising Grant Writing

Development Consulting Solutions

Robin L. Cabral, MA, CFRE, is the fundraising coach and consultant who provides value-added interim “hands-on” remote and coaching support with razor-sharp monthly result objectives and benchmarked deliverables.

Bryt Idea Consulting logo

Digital Marketing Branding

Bryt Idea Consulting

Our vision is to help cause-driven organizations fulfill their mission and purpose. We offer cost-effective marketing and brand strategy consultation with an additional focus on process and systems management.

Flywheel Company logo

Branding Database Management

Flywheel Company

Extensive experience leading sales and marketing teams, now focusing on helping non-profits get better using technology.

QuickBooks Made Easy logo

Accounting Database Management

QuickBooks Made Easy

Created by a certified CPA with 20+ years in the nonprofit space, Quickbooks Made Easy for Nonprofits is your partner in getting industry-specific Quickbooks education.

Simmons Consulting logo

Database Management Grant Writing

Simmons Consulting

A licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20+ years of experience, I help small nonprofits develop successful programming, achieve funding goals, & plan for business development and growth.

The New School of Fundraising logo


The New School of Fundraising

We are reimagining fundraising education and believe that each and every one of us has a little bit of a fundraiser inside. We run year-round courses, workshops, private training and special events.

Pivot Philanthropy logo

Fundrasing Strategic Planning

Pivot Philanthropy

I provide non-profits with consultative services to increase fundraising and impact. I work with philanthropists to maximize their giving efficiency and impact.

Allative Communications logo

Digital Marketing Content Management

Allative Communications

Allative speech expresses movement toward an intended destination. At our firm, we believe that’s exactly what good communications should do: move your organization to reach its goals. And we’re here to help.

Charity Shift logo


Charity Shift

Charity Shift helps your organization SHIFT from where you are, to where you aspire to be through customized solutions. Charity Shift is based in Vancouver BC, and is led by Sara Hoshooley.

Jennifer Avers LLC logo

Fundraising Project Management

Jennifer Avers LLC

I work as a consultant, facilitator, and coach to support the people and systems contributing to an equitable, peaceful, vibrant world.

The Mark logo

Grant Writing Strategic Planning

The Mark

The Mark is an evaluation and research company that has over 12 employees, and helps measure program outcomes for nonprofit organizations.

Calliope Consulting logo

IT/Technology Database Management

Calliope Consulting

Nonprofit organizations play an important role in our society, building strong communities by connecting and supporting people locally around the world.

Dijy logo

Database Management Digital Marketing


Your product needs an engaged audience, automated campaigns, and cost effective solutions. You need sales & marketing automation. That’s us.

Iris Creative logo

Branding Digital Marketing

Iris Creative

At Iris, we create communications systems that help organizations thrive. Our A.M.I.E process aligns audience, message, image and experience to create a program that builds from the inside out.

Erica Mattson Communications & Culture logo

Digital Marketing Fundraising

Erica Mattson Communication & Culture

I’ve worked as a nonprofit executive director, as well as in senior communications, marketing, fundraising and cultural development roles in government and the nonprofit sector.

FLUSH logo

Strategic Planning Digital Marketing


Founded in February 2018, FLUSH is a business in the “WASH” (water, sanitation and hygiene) sector that is focused primarily on sanitation and hygiene.

Jitasa logo



Jitasa is the nations largest provider of bookkeeping and accounting services solely dedicated to the nonprofit sector.

Nielsen Training & Consulting logo

Strategic Planning

Nielsen Training & Consulting

Nielsen Training & Consulting offers custom training and consulting services that empower organizations to translate vision into reality.

PivotGround logo

Strategic Planning Fundraising


Time is the most precious resource you have. The challenge is that most of your time as a nonprofit CEO is spent on the day-to-day grind of endless tasks that keep piling up and don’t feel connected to your mission impact. We can help!

Mind the Gap logo


Mind the Gap

Sean Kosofsky is the “Nonprofit Fixer.” With over 30 years in local, state, and national nonprofits and political campaigns, Kosofsky and his network of providers specialize in helping small organizations in every facet of running a nonprofit.

The Purpose Collective logo

Digital Marketing Database Management

The Purpose Collective

A digital marketing consulting company that specializes in working with purpose-driven organizations. We help organizations tell their story to a wider audience in order to elevate their cause.

Bateman Consulting Group logo

Strategic Planning Project Management

Bateman Consulting Group

Anna has had various roles, including executive management, governance, development, planning and funding, quality improvement and clinical practice.

Centrosome Inc. logo

Accounting IT/Technology

Centrosome Inc.

Started back in 2001 as a technology sales and support company and over the years, with a short pause, we have morphed into a one-stop shop aimed at supporting small to medium sized business owners.

Managance Consulting logo

Strategic Planning

Managance Coaching

Denice uses leading-edge tools and techniques to take her clients on a journey to build mental fitness, channel brain chemistry that elevates an opportunity mindset, and act in ways that create and deepen trust and cooperation.

All Purpose Creative Inc. logo

Content Management Project Management

All Purpose Creative Inc.

We create digital experiences at the heart of corporate culture and transformation. Our focus is on creating human-centered experiences and digital products that inspire organizations to create positive change for people and the planet.

Lidia Varesco Design logo

Digital Marketing Branding

Lidia Varesco Design

Lidia Varesco Design is a friendly graphic design studio in Chicago. I empower nonprofits, associations, higher education and social entrepreneurs to make a change through content-driven branding and marketing.

Linda Lysakowski logo

Strategic Planning Project Management

Linda Lysakowski

I am an author, speaker, and consultant. I have published more than two dozen books for the nonprofit sector and provide free online training sessions with 78 CEU from CFRE. Learn with Linda.

Elevation Group logo

Digital Marketing Branding

Elevation Group

We got our start in 2007 offering WordPress expertise to nonprofits, and since then we’ve built a team of industry specialists with a passion to make the world a better place.

Community Dataroots logo

Database Management

Community Dataroots

Community Dataroots was started with one goal in mind – help nonprofits with their data so they can better fulfill their purpose.

Charis LLC logo

Fundraising Grant Writing

Charis LLC

Charis, LLC helps community organizations advance their missions.  We offer fund development content writing and coaching to assist community organizations with increasing support and raising awareness.

The Killoe Group logo

Strategic Planning Branding

The Killoe Group

A career fundraiser, Michael J. Buckley, CFRE is a non-profit consultant, coach and speaker whose work focuses on small and medium-sized nonprofit organizations. He has assisted non-profits across a broad spectrum of focus areas increase dollars, exposure and capacity to support the work of their organization.

Cymplify.IT logo

IT/Technology Database Management


At Cymplify.IT, we are technology specialists focused on helping nonprofits, charities, and social enterprises achieve their missions. Through our advice, guidance, and support, our customers keep their operating costs down by operating efficiently and are able to focus on their missions.

Advancement Designs logo

Fundraising Digital Marketing

Advancement Designs

Are you burned out by fundraising events? Struggling to recruit and manage your board? Frustrated and overwhelmed because you add more to your to do list every day than you cross off? We can help!

Beard & Bowler logo

Fundraising Digital Marketing

Beard & Bowler

Commercial Filmmaker – helping non profits raise funds & awareness through the power of storytelling & video.

Barking Dog Studios logo

Digital Marketing Database Management

Barking Dog Studios

Barking Dog Studios merges design and technology to create engaging, accessible, and extremely usable internet projects. Primarily in the web sphere, we collaborate with our clients to merge design and technology.

W4Sight LLC logo

Database Management IT/Technology

W4Sight LLC

W4Sight provides software-related advice and leadership to nonprofit organizations.

Morelli Associates logo

Project Management Accounting

Morelli Associates

Gary P. Morelli is an accomplished visionary executive, consultant and coach with 41 years of experience in leadership and the management of nonprofit organizations.

Balanced good logo

Fundraising Project Management

Balanced Good

Balanced Good provides support and execution for parental leave coverage in the non-profit sector.

Project Management IT/Technology

Protean Creatives International

Protean Creatives International is a social impact consultancy firm that works with people, groups and institutions to harness the power of words, arts, and ideas to help communities and individuals flourish.

Strategic Planning Digital Marketing

The TrustMethod

Every organization wants aligned donors and engaged volunteers who pick up the mission as their own to make the impact they want to make. We help develop personalized donor/volunteer journey blueprints to ensure this happens versus leaving it to chance.

Branding Fundraising

Anchor Marketing

Anchor Marketing is a Marketing Agency specialized in non-profits and charities. Services include marketing, branding, websites, fundraising campaigns, digital advertising, social media and more.

Fundraising IT/Technology


Quartermaster helps change agents get the technical support, digital solutions, and operational readiness they need to accomplish their mission.

Database Management IT/Technology


Everpree is a systems and automation consultancy focused on helping not-for-profits be as efficient as possible to enable funds raised to go to causes that matter – not boring admin.

Accounting IT/Technology

Accelerate-U Financial Management

Accelerate-U provides bookkeeping, accounting and business consulting services to small and medium sized organizations to help them streamline their backoffice operations by taking advantage of current cloud based technology and global organizational solutions.

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