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About Barbara J. Fraser

My parents wanted me to be an accountant, but that wasn’t “me”. Instead, I chose to put my business management degree to work in the non-profit sector. Every day I am amazed at how organizations do so much, with so little. I thrive on lending a helping hand to organizations, assisting them in managing their information more strategically, efficiently and effectively so their hands (and resources) are free to focus on their mission.

After over 10 years of non-profit experience, Barbara J. Fraser & Associates was formed in 2010 to help address the growing need for strategic information management among non-profits. Since then we have worked with more than 15 organizations in fields like:

  • International economic development
  • Health promotion and health care
  • LGBTQ community services
  • Newcomer services
  • Employment services

Helping organizations to configure and align their information management tools and processes to more effectively support programs and operations is like working on a (giant) crossword puzzle. The process is full of cryptic clues and can be open to interpretation. Using a simple framework to break down the components of the information management process, I help clients to optimize configuration, process and operations.