Optimize Your Grant Process with Nonprofit Grant Management Software

Unlock the potential of nonprofit grant management software to streamline applications and empower your organization to maximize funding opportunities.

Effortlessly Manage the Grant Management Process from Start to Finish

Keep track of your applications, payments, and deadlines to keep your team organized and grow your grant revenue.

Efficient Application Management

Use Keela’s grant management system to stay on top of deadlines with grant tracking so that you can gather required documentation and take control of your grant applications.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Analyze your data and insights, track grants from the past and present, and make informed decisions around which grants will have the highest chances of success.

Simplified Grant Tracking

Simplify the often complex process of tracking your grants. Gain a comprehensive view of the status of all of your grants to accurately forecast your incoming revenue.

Access a Single Source of Truth for All Grants

Turn your CRM into a single source of truth for all your grants, ensuring seamless nonprofit grant tracking, efficient grant project management, and the ability to manage grant applications from one central hub.

Comprehensive Grant Tracking

Feel empowered with comprehensive grant tracking abilities that help you monitor application deadlines, track fund disbursement and streamline your grant processes to provide a clear view of your portfolio.

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Budget and Financial Management

Easily manage grant funds effectively, all while maintaining compliance with grant-specific financial requirements, to ensure that you are accurately forecasting your grants revenue.

Streamlined Communication with Grantors

Enhance communication with grantors through grant management solutions that streamline transparent communication throughout the grant lifecycle. 

Manage Your Grant Applications and Reach Your Goals!

Efficient Application Processing

Simplify tasks such as deadline tracking, document management, and collaboration, making it easier to secure funding.

Gain a Holistic View of Your Contacts

Access grant information in your contact profiles to understand every interaction you have with your grantors. 

Forecast Grant Revenue Accurately

Track application progress, timelines, and approval statuses to anticipate and plan for incoming funds with confidence. 

Track Deadlines to Never Miss a Funding Opportunity

Ensure that you’re sending follow-ups at the right time by managing and tracking your grant application and payment deadlines. 

Seamlessly Share Information with Your Team

Store all grant information in one central location, ensuring that every member of your team can understand the status of each grant application.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Best Granting Prospects

Start identifying themes in your granting process to ensure your applications are resonating with the right grantors. 

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