Maximize Fundraising Potential with Wealth Screening

Identify high-potential donors and prospects by analyzing their financial information and unlock hidden fundraising opportunities!

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Raise More with Key Insights into Your Donors’ Giving Capacity

Access the vital information that will help you better understand your prospects.

Enhance Donor Targeting

Pinpoint high-value donors within your database and ensure that your precious resources are allocated to the individuals and organizations with the greatest potential for impact.

Increase Fundraising Efficiency

Streamline your fundraising efforts by focusing on donors with the capacity to make significant contributions, allowing you to save time and create efficient fundraising practices.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Make informed decisions by harnessing the power of your data. Keela’s Wealth Screening software provides valuable insights that help you identify high-capacity donors.

Grow Revenue with Donor Wealth Screening

Identify and prioritize potential major donors within your existing supporter base by gaining valuable insights into your donors’ financial capacity. 

Get Better Acquainted with Your Supporters

Learn more about your donors’ household, family, and interests with advanced donor screening tools that help you build stronger relationships. 

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Feel Confident in Keela’s Wealth Indicators

Keela’s Match Confidence Wealth Score helps you feel confident in the values that are being pulled into our wealth screening tools. The higher the score, the more confident you can be of your donors’ giving capacity. 

Compare Your Donors Against Others

Access demographic information such as median household income, median individual income, and unemployment rate to see how your donors compare to others with similar backgrounds.

Elevate Your Impact with Wealth Screening for Nonprofits

Identify Wealthy Donors

Focus your efforts in the right place by identifying and cultivating relationships with your highest-potential supporters.

Unlock Increased Generosity

Identify and engage with high-net-worth supporters, resulting in higher levels of giving and enhanced fundraising success.

Elevate Donor Relationships

Cultivate stronger donor relationships by tailoring your communication and engagement strategies, leading to increased engagement and support.

Achieve Greater Mission Impact

Align your mission with donor potential, ensuring access to the necessary resources for significant and lasting social impact.

Enhance Donor Loyalty

Increase donor loyalty rates by delivering tailored stewardship efforts based on Keela’s Wealth Screening data, resulting in deeper donor relationships and sustained support.

Increase Fundraising Efficiency

Experience improved fundraising efficiency and success as Keela’s Wealth Screening tool identifies and prioritizes donors, allowing you to allocate resources more effectively.

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