Double Your Donation with Keela’s Matching Gift Integration

Easily capture employment information from your donors directly through the checkout process. This allows your supporters to double their impact with matching gifts using the industry’s leading solution: 360MatchPro from Double the Donation.

Snapshots of the Keela inteface showing a form with the Double the Donation option toggled on

Why Use Keela + Double the Donation

Fully Automate

Fully automated emails, delivering matching gift forms directly to your donors.

Integrate Easily

Integrates simply with Keela to ensure a quick, easy, and reliable implementation process to reduce burden.

Holistic Database View

A holistic database with Keela’s donor platform ensures 360MatchPro finds all your match-eligible donors.

How Keela Integrates with Double the Donation

It’s as easy as 1, 2 3! Keela customers add their Double the Donation to our forms and with clear prompts, donors can search to see if their employers have corporate matching available.

With a click of a button, donors can maximize their gifts without reaching back into their own pockets, raising more for the causes they love. It’s a win-win situation!

Learn more on how to set up Double the Donation with Keela and start doubling your donations today!

A snapshot of the Keela inteface showing a list of integrations including Double the Donation

About Double the Donation

Don’t wait for matching gift disbursements from requests that will never be submitted to employers. Bring matching gift next steps to your donors no matter where they give across the web.

    • 360MatchPro discovers matching gift opportunities in real time as your donors give to your organization.
    • From increased matching gift revenue to top-tier support to seamless setup, our clients couldn’t be happier.
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    About Keela

    Keela is a software company on the cutting edge of innovation for the nonprofit sector. Our mission is to serve and support every organization that is empowering positive change. We are the first affordable, nonprofit specific CRM platform to provide intelligent tools, helping nonprofit professionals make enlightened decisions based on their data so they can work more effectively. Keela is officially certified as a B-Corp. This means we’re always prioritizing people over profit and never forgetting our commitment to the communities in which we operate.