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Boone, NC, USA

Taylor Shanklin


Nonprofit Expertise

Branding, Content Management

About Barlele

We help passionate entrepreneurs, growing companies and social do-gooders cut through the noise and drive impact with a memorable brand.

Barlele (bar·lay·lay) means: Only Soaring.

Through effective storytelling, done-for-you content marketing and strategic growth coaching, you will take off and soar.

Founded by digital growth and marketing veteran, Taylor Shanklin, we believe that no matter how big or small you are, you deserve a stellar brand and scalable marketing solutions.

We’re a collaborative of 20+ creative thinkers, designers and digital marketing nerds. Our team of creative professionals has expertise in graphic design, audio production, video production, copywriting and web design and development. Based on your needs, we bring the expertise needed to help your brand take off.

We are dedicated to helping your business lift off and soar. By focusing your brand on what matters the most to your target audience, helping you speak to them in an authentic way and showing up as your best self, you will turn heads and generate growth.