B the Change.

Certified B Corporation since
June 2016.

It is a shared belief at Keela that we should exist to do more than just turn a profit. Central to everything we do here — to our philosophy — is our value of social responsibility. It is key that we don’t just prescribe a solution for nonprofits.

We want to build a tool that responds to the variety of problems that challenge the sector. We don’t create accessible tools just to boost profit.

We create accessible tools because nonprofits are changing the world every day, and they, and the communities they serve, deserve the best.

What are B Corps?

Impact Assessment
B Corps are part of a new wave of business’ that balance purpose and profit.

We are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, community, and the environment. 

We meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and social and environmental performance.

We are a community of leaders, driving aglobal movementof people using business as a force for good. 

What does it mean to us?

Our pledge to youWe pledge to make the environment and people as important as profitability. We are taking a proactive, deliberate approach to address the critical issues facing society.

We want to exemplify what it means to run a business with a mandate to have a lasting positive impact on people and the planet.

We’re committed to positive change within our community, work and within our office.

Getting certified means we stay true to our word. To what we stand for.

As a company, we don’t just make software. We believe in positively impacting those around us. The values of social and environmental responsibility are central to our philosophy and inform everything we do at Keela.

Our role in 
Civil Society

Nonprofit organizations make an incredible contribution to the social, political, and economic dimensions of society.

They are part of a collective body of organizations known as civil society which play an integral part in our lives.  

At Keela, we figured that by combining technology and social causes, we can empower communities to reach sustainable and scalable solutions. Civil society is a precondition to democracy; nonprofits are central to the fabric of civil society and are thus foundational to our democracy, our freedom. We can support nonprofits and in connection, our freedom by investing in the tools that elevate their ability to create impact.

At Keela “technology for good” really means something powerful. It is the driving force behind our company.