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HELP Auckland Grows Recurring Donors by 58% with Keela Forms

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Key Metrics

Using Keela, HELP Auckland has successfully segmented its growing base of supporters for targeted and personalized outreach, allowing the nonprofit to increase donor engagement across its revenue streams. 


Increase in Recurring Donors


Increase in Supporters


Average Email Open Rate


New Donors via Keela’s Email Marketing Tool

How Keela Supports HELP Auckland

Strategic and Personalized Communications

HELP Auckland uses Keela’s Email Marketing tool to segment its growing contact lists, send targeted messages and connect with community members digitally to maximize its Peer-to-Peer fundraising initiatives. Through this new communication strategy, the team has seen an increase in open rates, click rates, and engagement. 

Database Management

The team at HELP Auckland are combing through their database and consolidating historical data from their 40 years in operation. Keela’s de-duplicate tools and automatic updates help them accurately store, manage and act on constituent data. 

Improved Donor Engagement

Since switching to Keela, HELP Auckland has been working to improve engagement and retention within its existing pool of supporters. Recently, the nonprofit team purchased Keela Automation to enhance communication and better steward their contacts at every stage in their journey.

Enhanced Reporting

Keela’s Reporting tools allow HELP Auckland to better track its progress within each revenue stream, allowing them to create strategic fundraising plans that focus on areas of highest potential. This has been instrumental in ensuring they invest the proper resources to continue providing quality services to thousands of women and children.


Retain donors and resources to be able to improve community services and advance their mission

HELP Auckland has been the city’s specialized provider of sexual abuse support services since 1982. 

With as many as 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 7 boys who may be sexually assaulted before adulthood, HELP provides a culturally safe environment to support and empower women and children in their healing from the effects of sexual abuse while actively working towards its prevention.

a woman answering a crisis phone support line

Working alongside government, policing bodies, and forensic medical examiners, their services range from community training, such as their We Can Keep Safe program for young children, to 24/7 crisis support lines, counseling, and psychotherapy, as well as a range of justice services to assist people as they enter the court process.

“It remains HELP’s greatest challenge to prevent sexual violence and abuse, and ultimately end it. We support survivors not only through the services we provide but also through engaging with law and policymakers to share knowledge from the work of our service teams so that systemic change can occur.”

Roanna Ng, Fundraiser at HELP Auckland

In 2020 with the pandemic and ongoing lockdowns, HELP experienced an increased demand for their services, recording a record 13,740 phone calls, texts, and emails to their crisis lines and a 22% increase in court support services.  

With the added demands, it has been a constant challenge for HELP to get the resources they need – and keep those they currently have. Joining Keela was a part of their organization’s upgrade to ensure they were able to continue supporting the community. 

Since switching to Keela, the organization’s fundraising team has increased its supporter base by 60% (January 2020 to August 2022) and has been able to plan campaigns more accurately based on data-driven decisions. 

Keela has enabled us to keep better track of where our revenue is coming from,” Roanna said. “We were unable to do this with our old database, and now we can focus our efforts on areas that need development.”

Using Keela’s suite of 50+ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the HELP team is now better able to monitor and maximize the performance of their campaigns, improving segmentation for their communication strategy over time. 

Solution and Results

Keela’s integrated fundraising solution gives HELP Auckland a holistic look at the health of its organization while helping them deepen donor relationships.

The majority of HELP’s fundraising revenue comes from grants and peer-to-peer fundraising. However, they’re actively trying to grow their recurring donor program into a sustainable revenue stream. The various recurring giving prompts on Keela’s donation forms have been instrumental in increasing their donors’ generosity and growing their financial safety net.

“We already had a monthly giving program before joining Keela, but Keela Forms have made the process simpler for new regular givers to sign up. This has helped us increase our number of new recurring donors by 58%.

This is a screenshot of HELP Auckland's recurring giving donation form

With Roanna’s team focused on increasing supporter engagement through targeted email communications, they added nearly 150 new donors via email fundraising alone. In addition, they’re taking advantage of the detailed insights and reports in the email marketing dashboard to continuously track their metrics and adapt their communications as needed. 

Keela’s built-in benchmarks make it easier for the team to create and run email marketing campaigns that resonate with supporters. With a 46% average email open rate, HELP is achieving a 72% increase over the industry average. While their list is constantly growing due to their new donor acquisition, their open rates remain high, proving that the HELP team is sending the right message to the right segment at the right time.

Overall, Keela’s suite of fundraising tools helps the fundraisers at HELP Auckland by painting a holistic picture of their organization’s progress. This integrated solution has streamlined their work processes and ensured they’re personalizing the stewardship process for every supporter in just a few clicks. 

“There isn’t a specific feature of the Keela software that I’d say we enjoy using; rather, we appreciate all the software’s functions – database, communications, reporting, and form building – because it allows us to do everything under one umbrella instead of having to use a bunch of different applications.”

Looking Ahead

HELP Auckland will explore Keela’s Automation Feature to customize communications to their recurring donors, strengthening the relationship and retaining them long-term. 

Throughout their time using Keela, the features and services offered have allowed HELP Auckland to better understand their supporters’ preferences and send more engaging communications, leading to an increase in revenue and donors. 

a group of women sitting on a patio, laughing and conversing

In the next stage of their journey, the team plans to utilize Keela Automation to improve and streamline their processes and implement a better donor and engagement journey for their growing base of supporters. 

“We hope, with Automation, we can improve the regular donor journey and customize communications to our recurring donors.”

Using Keela’s pre-built library of workflow templates, the team plans to build on the foundation they’ve already laid and better customize communications with donors or potential supporters.

You can learn more about HELP Auckland’s impact here.

Create Meaningful Connections using Keela

Like HELP Auckland, you can start attracting new donors, deepening relationships with supporters, and having honest, engaging interactions with your community. 

Keela’s CRM has all the templates, automation, smart codes, and donor insights you need to share your story, send targeted appeals, steward donors and track your success. Now’s the time to turn your routine donor communication into meaningful connections. 

Start Growing with Keela Today

With tools to streamline your nonprofit’s fundraising and donor communications and a world-class customer care team excited to guide you every step of the way, scaling your organization’s growth with Keela has never been easier.

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