Keela Automation

The Keela Automation add-on feature swaps performing tedious manual tasks for automated workflows that improve communication with contacts and increase task efficiency.

Nurture your contacts to action with an email sequence that keeps donations flowing, and make time for important interpersonal items with automated administrative tasks.

Why You Should Automate Keela

What you can do with Keela Automation 

Let’s Build a Workflow to Welcome New Subscribers!

Can we automate it? YES WE CAN!

If the contact opens their welcome email, 
a newsletter tag will be applied to their profile!
If they don’t, a to-do is created reminding your staff to reach out with a phone call.

Join the thousands of nonprofit professionals using Keela to work smarter! 

One of our advisors will be in touch with you as soon as possible, often within 5 minutes during business hours.