Powerful Reporting & Analytics Tools for Nonprofits

Drowning in data? Track what matters most to your organization and let Keela process the rest. Our one-click dashboards and customizable reporting let you run analysis like a pro, all without doing a single calculation.

A man smiling alongside snapshots of of Keela's reporting graphs including transaction types, donation tracker, and fundraising forecast.

Know your metrics, transform your mission

Revolutionized reporting makes analysis accessible to everyone. Keela brings your numbers to life with easy-to-understand data visuals, presentation-ready reports, and insights you can act on.

Measure Your Success

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will help you pinpoint opportunities.

Know How You Compare

Use Industry Benchmarks to see how you measure up to your peers.

See Where You’re Going Next

Monitor your fundraising trajectory, so you never miss another target.

Turn Data into Knowledge in One Click

Keela’s one-click dashboards give you information at your fingertips without spending time building reports. Choose from 15+ dashboards that are already set up and ready to go. 

Easily export them as PDFs and share them with your stakeholders. 

creating a dashboard
applying a filter to a data visualization

Take Your Data Further

You can customize each dashboard with over 90 data visualizations around fundraising, contacts, memberships, interactions, and more.

Click into each visualization where you can apply filters, create tags, build segments, and dig until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Automatically Track Key Performance Indicators

Measuring your success is easy with Keela. All you need to do is: 

  • Set a goal 
  • Select how you want to benchmark your organization
  • Choose from 50+ KPIs recommended by experts 
  • Watch Keela automatically track progress against your goal

Benchmarks help keep your organization on the right path. You choose to compare yourself against the sector, a specific cause area, revenue size, or your historical data. 

Key peformance indicators
Fundraising forecast and donor readiness

Discover Areas of Growth and Opportunity

Stay abreast of where your organization is headed with our fundraising forecasting tool. Keela’s Insights will show you who’s ready to donate, who needs to be thanked, and when to best reach out, so you’re always moving towards your mission’s north star.

 Monitor and optimize the performance of your campaigns

Campaign Analysis

Monitor and optimize the performance of your organization’s campaigns.

Custom Report Builder

Create your reports from scratch with widgets for time frames, calculations, visualizations, insights, and more.

Fundraising Report

Get insights into your fundraising health in one click with the Fundraising Report that you can take to your board.


Compare your organization’s progress to benchmarks across the nonprofit industry. Choose from five different benchmarks.

LYBUNT Reports

Figure out which donors have lapsed. Use contact insights to steward them effectively towards their next ask.

Unlimited Filters

Tailor your data to create reports on exactly what you want to see and understand.

Pre-Built Dashboards

Choose from ready-made dashboards pre-loaded with important metrics for most nonprofits.


Understand your organization’s potential with accurate forecasting tools. Never miss an objective again.

KPIs Reporting

Choose from 50+ nonprofit KPIs and create your custom dashboard to set and track goals for your organization.

Ready to reframe your relationship with reporting and analytics?