Stay connected with your team

Keela’s project management tool keeps your team connected and up to date with deadlines and tasks.

Automatic reminders, file uploads, and project discussions will allow your team to collaborate effectively no matter what you are working on, no matter where you are working from.

Keela's project management tool being used to schedule an event

Plan projects more efficiently with team collaboration

Set up, assign, and manage campaigns more effectively using Keela’s project feature.

Create Detailed Plans

Hit the ground running by setting up easy-to-follow, data-backed campaigns.

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Manage Tasks

Keep track of all your tasks, including who is working on what.

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Project Workflows

Keep your team on track with automated user notifications and task reminders.

Access Keela Anywhere

Stay connected on any device and never miss an interaction or notification.

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Build campaigns the whole team can follow

Empower your team members to reach a common goal by creating a project in Keela. Add descriptions, upload files, break down the projects into bite-sized tasks, tag team members, and ensure everyone is on the same page. You’ll be able to choose how to prioritize tasks, assign a timeline, and outline all of your goals from within Keela’s Project Feature. 



Track and monitor your team’s progress

You’ll have complete visibility at any given time over the status of your project, keeping things on track and on budget. Send messages to your team from within the project to foster collaboration and efficiency, ensuring no task is forgotten. Once you’re finished, the project data will be stored in Keela so you can draw up reports to tell you what worked, what didn’t, and what the opportunity is for next time.


Whether it’s on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile

You wear many hats at your organization, which means you’re constantly on the go. Keep Keela with you at all times on any device to log interactions, email supporters, track your to-dos, and send or receive notifications from your team. Keela’s project tool allows you to stay connected on tasks and deadlines, all from within your Keela account!

Keela's app is open on a tablet and mobile device

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Keela product video

Overall Keela is excellent and I love using it. More than that, I love the Keela brand and what the company stands for. There’s a warmth and personal approach that helps me feel confident that the Keela team are in my corner. Since I’m the only staff member for my charity, I can’t overstate the importance of feeling like Keela are an extended part of my charity team – you help me feel supported and less alone.

Elisabeth O. on Capterra
Executive Director

Work smarter, save time, do more

Gain insight into your nonprofit and learn what makes you successful.


Create reminders and schedule follow-ups with constituents so you can stay on top of every opportunity.

Data Visualization

Create custom reports with data on your campaigns, fundraising, sponsorships, memberships and more.

Reminders Plan Events

Give access to your team, board of directors, and volunteers but control the spread of information.

Build Reports

Visualize where the dollars are coming from and what programs they are supporting.


Give access to your team, board of directors, and volunteers but control the spread of information.

Automated Reminders

Manage deadlines with automatic reminders and notifications.

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