Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry

Keela forms collect, store, and leverage all the right information from your community. They are customizable, mobile responsive, and the quickest way to keep your contact profiles up to date.

Email containing a form

Create unlimited forms for your organization’s unique needs

Set up, customize, and automate donation pages, campaigns, volunteer sign-ups, newsletter subscriptions, event registration, and so much more.

Personalize The Process

Easily accept and manage donations while allowing your donors to choose what works best for them.

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Automate and Streamline

Send automated tax receipts, thank you emails, and customized notifications to your team ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

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Integrate Your Work

Let Keela forms connect the dots in donor management by keeping all areas of your account up to date.

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Publish Forms with Ease

Keela Forms are ready to be embedded on your website from Day 1. Use our template or explore endless customization options like custom giving ranges, recurring gift options, and donation dedications. Control everything on your form, from what information you collect, to what language you prefer. Every field can be edited, so you’re always in control. 

Form and customization options
stripe, paypal, and credit card payment options

Donations that Make Sense

Let your donor cover Stripe and Paypal processing fees with an optional button for your form. Plus, with no additional transaction fees charged by Keela, your organization will receive more, while your donor will instantly receive an automated tax receipt with all the relevant information. 

Fundraise Smarter

During your next email marketing campaign, use a Smart Ask Form to automatically pull in a donor’s giving history and tailor the ask to ensure you’re not over, or under, asking your constituents. Make fundraising more effective for you and more personalized for your donors. 

Smart ask form with tailored ask amounts
QR code and form

Collect Data Anywhere

On the go? No problem! QR Codes let you easily direct supporters to your forms from anywhere. Simply add a QR code to promotional materials, event pamphlets or business cards and you’ll unlock the door for convenient giving in a matter of seconds. 

All the information you need, at your fingertips

Smart Ask Forms

Embed Smart Ask Forms in emails to ensure you ask for the right amount.

Form Builder

Build and customize forms to collect information online. Easily embed forms right on your website.

Custom Fields

Track the information that is most useful to your team with custom fields.

Institutional memory

A place that stores the history of a contact, allowing anyone to dive in and pick up where you left off.

Automatic tax receipts

Send out compliant tax receipts automatically after contributions.

Form Submission Automation

Continue the conversation after a contact submits a form with automated workflows.

Let Your Story do the Fundraising with Keela Forms.