Say goodbye to manual data entry

Keela forms automatically collect, store, and leverage all the right information from your supporters, community, and contacts.

Easily set up and customize donation pages, campaigns, and surveys to collect donor data directly into Keela. Our Forms allow you to gather specific data about contacts, donors, member, volunteers as well as all kinds of other information to help you be successful.

A man in front of several forms generated through Keela's platform

Create unlimited forms for your organization’s unique needs

Keela allows you to create, as many forms as you want in order to meet your specific growth goals. All of our forms are customizable, mobile responsive, and automatically sync up with your Keela CRM.

Personalize The Process

Easily accept and manage donations while allowing your donors to choose what works best for them.

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Automate and Streamline

Automated tax receipts, thank you emails, and customized notifications to your team ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

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Paint a Clear Picture

Use donor surveys to truly understand who your donors are and how they prefer to interact with your cause.

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Custom giving options lets the donor choose how, why and when

Whether it’s a schedule of recurring giving, or a one-off gift, collecting donations has never been easier using Keela’s Form Builder. Use your organization’s exact colors and logo and embed your donation form directly on your website to ensure a seamless giving journey from point A to point B. Set up custom giving ranges based on previous giving history, and create as many custom contact fields as required to meet your needs.

Plus, by using QR codes, you can easily direct supporters to your forms from anywhere. Simply add a QR code to promotional materials, event pamphlets or business cards and you’ll unlock the door for convenient giving in a matter of seconds.

If sending out a mass donation appeal, our Smart Ask Forms will automatically pull a donor’s giving history and tailor the ask to ensure you’re not over – or under – asking your constituents, making fundraising more effective for you, and more personalized for your donors. 

A custom form created by A Billion Trees
Image demonstrating Keela's smart, adaptive forms.


No more information slipping through the cracks

Automate your organization’s administration with Keela’s smart, adaptive forms. Collect all the key data you need quickly and securely. This contact data is automatically migrated into your donor database and can be used as custom fields in your future communications. 

And once a transaction is complete, both you and your donor can rest assured knowing their credit card data is protected through credible payment processors like Stripe and Paypal. You’ll receive the donation with no additional processing fee, and the donor will instantly receive an automated tax receipt with all the relevant information. 

Go further and use form submissions to trigger automated workflows that send thank you letters after a donation, notifications of new volunteer sign ups, and so much more.


Use Surveys to truly get to know donors

As a nonprofit organization, the more you know about your donor base, the more you are able to tailor your messaging and programs to encourage loyalty and enthusiasm for the important work you do. Gain true insight into the minds of your donors by sending donor satisfaction surveys through Keela. 

Built with your branding and sent through Keela’s email marketing platform, you’ll be provided with important data about demographics, giving patterns, and communications preferences that will help you better segment your constituents based on their preferences and increase donor retention. 

An example of a donor survey created by Save the Orcas using Keela

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Keela product video

“This is more than a CRM for us! This software created inspiration for building a journey for our donors and sponsors. It provides us with numbers at our finger tips and knowledge is power”

All the information you need

Gain insight into your nonprofit and learn what makes you successful.

Smart Ask Forms

Embed Smart Ask Forms in emails to ensure you ask for the right amount.


Build and customize forms to collect information online. Easily embed forms right on your website.

Custom Fields

Track the information that is most useful to your team with custom fields.

Institutional memory

A place that stores the history of a contact, allowing anyone to dive in and pick up where you left off.

Automatic tax receipts

Send out compliant tax receipts automatically after contributions.

Form Submission Automation

Continue the conversation after a contact submits a form with automated workflows.

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