2024 Nonprofit Trends: What Organizations Need to Know

The Keela Team • Dec 08, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of the nonprofit sector, organizations are faced with new trends that bring both challenges and opportunities. As we step into 2024, the need for nonprofits to adapt to current trends is crucial. This blog delves into the latest trends in nonprofit fundraising, offering insights from industry leaders with considerable experience navigating the current landscape.

Technological Advancements

In 2024, the nonprofit sector will continue to undergo significant transformation with the integration of artificial intelligence. AI tools increase efficiency by streamlining workflows, automating tasks and content creation, analyzing donor behavior, crafting personalized communications, and optimizing donor segmentation in real time. AI also supports strategic, data-driven decisions, providing insights into fundraising strategy effectiveness. KPIs, for example, prompt organizations on where to focus their efforts to attract new donors, drive revenue, and boost engagement. Keela’s intelligence tools drive these trends forward by providing nonprofits with accessible AI technology, enabling them to reclaim staff resources, make informed decisions, and optimize efforts toward realizing their nonprofit’s mission.

2024 fundraising trends guide

2024 Fundraising Trends Guide

Explore the cutting-edge trends that are set to redefine the way we approach fundraising in 2024.

Financial Challenges

In the midst of inflation and high-interest rates in the current economy, securing financial sustainability should be a point of focus for nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits are encouraged to explore alternative fundraising strategies, such as leveraging stocks and asset-based donations and shifting towards recurring donations to ensure more predictable revenue. Keela’s fundraising and financial management tools, including grant management, income forecasting, and reporting, support charities in diversifying giving streams and managing finances effectively, offering organizations tools to prepare for financial uncertainties.

Donor Engagement

Even successful nonprofits grapple with recent declines in giving. To address this trend, nonprofits must strategically keep donors engaged. Key strategies include treating donors like investors, making them feel important, regularly communicating impact for a sense of ‘reward’, and personalized communication reflecting a donor’s preference. Personalized engagement takes time, leading nonprofits to use CRM systems like Keela, automating tasks like tracking relationship health, bulk personalization, and impact story automation. Increased engagement helps build deeper relationships and secure loyalty to overcome giving declines.

Digital Fundraising

In the current digital age, continuous online fundraising has taken center stage as more organizations are now launching year-round online engagement campaigns and ongoing social media outreach to support fundraising efforts and increase engagement. With numerous channels and platforms available, nonprofit leaders stress the importance of knowing your audience and crafting communication that captures attention for the highest possible ROI. Keela’s CRM and fundraising solutions help you stay ahead in digital fundraising, understanding your audience through demographic and behavioral insights, providing tools for multi-channel automated campaigns, and tracking social media engagement.

Hyperpersonalization and FOMO

Hyperpersonalization involves including personal details in donor communications, such as their city, interests, and giving history. The more personalized information integrated, the more the donor will feel known, and they may even be surprised by the depth of understanding. Additionally, human behavior includes a desire to feel included. Campaigns that incorporate community elements or trends, such as the ice bucket challenge, can evoke a fear of missing out (FOMO), creating motivation to contribute or become involved in the cause. CRM systems like Keela support these trends by enabling the automation of personalization in communications and utilizing data to highlight donor interests, locations, etc. Tools like peer-to-peer also support campaigns that prompt the fear of missing out so you never miss an opportunity to increase giving!

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships open new avenues for nonprofits, whether with corporations, similar organizations, or local schools. Strategic partnerships foster trust amongst your community and constituents, while also building brand awareness. For instance, your nonprofit organization may consider collaborating with a local for-profit business or other nonprofits that share a similar mission for a joint fundraising event or program initiative. Combining your organization’s own resources with similar nonprofits can be a powerful way to drive change toward a common mission. When establishing these partnerships, effective communication, loyalty, and relationships are equally as important as they are with donors. That’s why it’s crucial to utilize a CRM system like Keela for tracking interactions, contributions, and engagement with your partners.

Transitioning Offline to Online

Online donations are significantly easier to manage than offline donations, given the increased use of online donor management systems. To increase the efficiency of managing donations, nonprofit leaders encourage the conversion of offline gifts to online. One clever way to do this is using QR codes in direct mail, prompting an online donation to begin building that habit. Another example includes leveraging social media platforms to reach and engage potential donors in the online space. Keela plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transition to online operations, offering communication and fundraising solutions to encourage online donations, engagement, and participation.

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Transparency and Impact Measurement

One significant roadblock to giving is donors being uncertain about where their contribution goes. Promoting transparency and communicating the impact of a donor’s contribution is key to building trust. Nonprofits can achieve this by making subtle changes, such as allowing donors to choose a cause area during the donation process. Follow-ups that communicate the impact of the donation are also effective in increasing donor confidence and loyalty. Keela enables organizations to set up various cause areas for donors to choose from and provides the ability to create customized and automated thank-you messages and follow-ups. This ensures nonprofits can effectively communicate impact and build lasting trust with donors seeking clarity and connection.

Technology Trends

In a world where technological developments evolve at an incredibly fast pace, nonprofits must stay ahead of the rapid changes. The swift adoption of emerging trends, including automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, becomes not just an option but a necessity. Organizations that embrace these advancements stay ahead of the nonprofit tech curve and position themselves for success. As new technologies continue to emerge, nonprofits are looking for user-friendly systems that make new technologies accessible while allowing them to gain a competitive edge. With Keela’s industry leading user-friendly design, technology adoption is simplified, and organizations can ensure they are using the latest technology and tools.

Staff Resources and Financial Support

In the current climate, many organizations face persistent challenges in obtaining financial support and securing staff resources. The cost-of-living crisis, shaped by global geopolitical events, the aftermath of the pandemic, rising costs, and economic uncertainty exacerbates the struggle for nonprofits to ensure sufficient funding. Diversifying funding getting creative with fundraising strategies, and maintaining existing donors becomes imperative, all while conserving resources and staff member capacity. Keela helps strike this balance by providing tools to facilitate and track diverse revenue streams, strengthen donor relationships, and automate manual tasks to mitigate operational inefficiencies.


With the emerging nonprofit trends that face the sector, organizations are faced with a plethora of opportunities. By responding to these trends, from technological advancements to financial challenges, donor engagement strategies to digital fundraising, organizations avoid falling behind, practice adaptability in an evolving landscape, and set themselves up for sustained success.

As we confront these multifaceted challenges, the need for a comprehensive solution has never been more apparent. Keela stands out as a powerful ally for nonprofits, offering a suite of intelligent tools designed to address the diverse needs of the sector. By seamlessly integrating AI, streamlining financial management, enhancing donor engagement, and supporting the transition to online operations, Keela empowers nonprofits to thrive in the ever-changing landscape.

2024 fundraising trends guide

2024 Fundraising Trends Guide

Explore the cutting-edge trends that are set to redefine the way we approach fundraising in 2024.

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