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What’s Nonprofit.Courses?

  • Thousands of Videos
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All at your fingertips. All right now. All to make your mission – and career – thrive!

  • It’s the best content from hundreds of Content Experts – names you know and emerging voices.
  • It’s quick tips in a minute, to academic courses in a semester – and everything in between.
  • It’s what you need now, and what you want as you and your nonprofit grow.
  • It’s the resource you wish you always had – and now you do!

Plus, it’s open access: No paywall. No subscription. No membership.

What can you find? Just about everything that’s nonprofit focused and nonprofit helpful.

Nonprofit focused? It’s what you’d expect: subjects unique to the sector, including…

Fundraising, Nonprofit Accounting, Nonprofit Legal Issues, Volunteer Management and so many others.

Then what’s “nonprofit helpful?”

It’s content that nonprofits need to know about but may not be specific to the nonprofit sector. Think of topics like…

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Making Presentations, Human Resources and so much more.

It’s all on Nonprofit.Courses because your mission needs both, and you deserve both all in one easy-to-use website!

And the cost? Nothing – unless you want to. Most content is free, supported by the advertising you’ll find here and there. The rest? A small percentage of content on Nonprofit.Courses – some really good content – is paid, a portion of which goes to keep the site up and running – for you!

Your next step? Go to Nonprofit.Courses! Explore your favorite topics. Discover new. It’s all waiting there for you!