Communication Style Workshop: How to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Internal Communication

June 15, 2021 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET

Webinar with Tasi Gottschlag

Communication Style Workshop: How to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Internal Communication


Learn your ideal communication style so you can improve the way you work and interact with your team

Tasi Gottschlag, COO of Keela

Your nonprofit’s team plays an integral role in bringing your vision to life. Every team member has a natural communication style—from those chairing conversations to others quietly taking it all in. To improve your team’s internal communication, and ensure everyone feels heard and understood, it is important to identify each team member’s style and tailor your communication accordingly.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the four different communication styles, including their strengths and blind spots. You’ll get to know your preferred style and learn tips to help you reduce friction or misunderstanding in your conversations. This will improve the way you communicate and work with your colleagues, board of directors, and even family and friends.

You’ll leave this webinar with an understanding of:

  • What are your preferred communication style(s), strengths, and blind spots are
  • How to adjust your communication style to work better with people of different styles
  • Identify the style of someone you’ve just met and tailor your communication accordingly
  • How to create an effective, cohesive, and inclusive work environment

Tasi Gottschlag is the COO of Keela, a comprehensive nonprofit software platform that gives you powerful, intelligent tools to manage your donors, mobilize your volunteers, market your nonprofit, and raise more money. Tasi has an MBA from SFU and built and sold her first SAAS tech start-up in 2018. She is a passionate builder of businesses, loving all the moving pieces, intricate dynamics, and systems that produce the results we see. In her free time, she loves to race sailboats, read inspiring business books, and play with her two amazing daughters.

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