Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Webinar with Karen Graham

Fostering a Culture of Innovation


How to Create a Culture of Innovation in Your Nonprofit

Karen Graham, Director of Education & Outreach at Tech Impact

Many nonprofits think of innovation as a luxury they can’t afford. Staff time and budgets are limited, and improving the way they use technology seems out of reach. But technology can offer straightforward, inexpensive means of providing higher quality services, and create numerous opportunities to do more with less—even in our current economic climate. Which makes innovation something organizations can no longer afford not to embrace.

Karen is a sought-after speaker, trainer, writer, and consultant with expertise in technology leadership and innovation, nonprofit software, and digital strategy. As Tech Impact’s Director of Education and Outreach, she leads the Idealware team of researchers, presenters, and writers who create technology resources designed to help nonprofit leaders put their vision into action.

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