Impact Cascades – The Adaptive Approach to Evaluation

Webinar with Mary Joyce

Impact Cascades – The Adaptive Approach to Evaluation


Don’t let impact measurement deplete you. Let it empower you and your organization

Impact measurement is stressful. It’s vague. It’s one more thing to do. And then there’s the worry: “what if my results aren’t good?” The fact that evaluation occurs only at the end of a project raises the stakes, minimizes learning, and makes adaptation impossible. With the phased approach of an Impact Cascade, evaluation becomes an ongoing process. Measurement becomes more diagnostic and less evaluative. Assessing results becomes an opportunity to increase positive change.

Mary is the Founder of Do Big Good, a Seattle-based impact measurement firm, and has over a decade of global experience at the intersection of research, innovation, and social change. She has consulted and collaborated with nonprofits, foundations, and creative firms from North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, including the Mozilla Foundation, Open Society Foundation, and Google VR. 

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