Best Practices with Keela: Donor Segmentation and Filtering

Webinar with Peter Craigen

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Best Practices with Keela:  Donor Segmentation and Filtering


Learn how to leverage the power of segmentation and filtering to make your EOY campaign effortless

Peter Craigen, Nonprofit Expert, Senior Account Executive at Keela

Fundraising is the lifeblood of your organization. It keeps the lights on and the goodwill flowing. But how do you create an effective fundraising campaign that will work time and time again? It all starts with data.

Join Keela expert, Peter Craigen, as he dives deep into your Keela database and shows you best practices in data collection and management, as well as how it can be used to influence your communication and fundraising strategies.

Peter will discuss in depth how you can use different filters in Keela to effectively organize and segment contacts and what that means for your end of year campaign.

Peter is passionate about happy customers. He keeps a sticky note taped to the top of his computer that says “How can I improve the lives of my customers?” and he truly lives by that mantra. Peter has introduced hundreds of new customers to the platform and uses his years of best practice knowledge to ensure success in every facet of their experience with Keela. Join him to learn his favourite Keela secrets that will make setting up campaigns for End of Year, and beyond, a breeze.

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