Introducing Keela Intelligence

Philip Manzano • Dec 20, 2018

At Keela, we talk a lot about making data-driven decisions. As a company, using data to strategically drive how we work is an integral part of who we are. It helps us respond to the people we serve, instead of just pushing forward with a “gut feeling”.

We’ve always believed that nonprofits should make their decisions the same way. Look at how your donors are behaving, and respond to those behaviors, ultimately helping you raise more money and do more good.

In the past, we gave you some tips and best practices for data-driven decision making. And while this is still valuable, it still leaves you with a lot of work when it comes to understanding that data, and interpreting the next steps. But now, with the launch of our new software, and the rollout of our Intelligence tools, we’re really giving you a powerful suite of features to help guide your strategic fundraising decisions and maximize your organization’s impact.

Say hello to Keela Intelligence ????

Think of Keela Intelligence like smart suggestions or nudges in the right direction when it comes to fundraising using campaigns. It’s similar to the way you get suggested movies on a Netflix account or find new music on Spotify’s Discover Weekly.

On Keela, our Intelligence tools use machine learning and are based on a few factors:

  • Previous donation amounts
  • How often a contact donates
  • Which campaigns the contact donated to previously
  • Similar campaign names and descriptions
  • Contact demographics

Keela Intelligence currently lives in two main functions across three different tools:

Campaigns Recommendations

If you are building a Campaign on Keela, your Intelligence will give you a list of individuals within your Contacts that are more likely to donate to that campaign. Each recommended donor will be assigned a campaign tag on their profile. That way, when you’re scrolling through your Contact profiles, you will see a list of active Campaigns that this particular donor might be interested in donating to.

With the little action buttons, you’ll also have the ability to send those individuals an email about your campaign, or even create a Follow-Up — right from the Campaign set up.

Donation Recommendations

Our Smart Ask tool comes up with both a recommended amount to ask each donor, along with some suggestions of donation levels. It does this based on analyzing their previous behavior, then recommending a personalized donation amount specific to their giving history. 

We know that asking a donor who regularly contributes $200 for a $15 donation will reduce the donation you will receive. So, by following this same logic, asking this donor for a contribution of $250 means they’re more likely to meet this donation and increase the value of their generosity. Following the same logic, asking a habitual $15 donor for $250 may turn them off entirely. Getting this right will not only maximize your donations but make your donors feel you know their giving capabilities.

You can find this tool in both your new Fundraising Dashboard as well as in Contact profiles. 

Also in our suite of donations tools is Donor Readiness. Built using an artificial intelligence algorithm which is similar to the one that forecasts the Stock Market, our Donor Readiness tool predicts the likeliness of a contact donating within the next two weeks. This icon is visible in your Contacts profiles, allowing you to sort donors by their Readiness and to streamline your communication to send personalized emails and Follow-Ups to those most likely to give.

When combined with Smart Ask, organizations will not only know when to reach out to their donors, but what amount to reach out with. And the more information organizations add into Keela, the smarter and more precise these algorithms will become. 


Why does this matter?

Data is only good if you know what to do with it. Otherwise, it’s just numbers.

Collecting data is the first step, but interpreting those numbers and making an actionable decision based on what that data is telling you is a difficult thing to do. It can be overwhelming, and that’s why nonprofits pay consultants a lot of money to do this legwork for them. But Keela makes it easier for you.

With Keela Intelligence, a lot of those steps are taken care of for you. You don’t have to worry about thinking ( and over-thinking ) about your perfect audience for a fundraising campaign.

Let the numbers tell the story, and let Keela Intelligence work for you.