Ready, Set, Ask: Donor Survey Lookbook

Start gathering the right information for your organization.

How are you going to get to know your supporters in order to offer them better communication and an improved donor experience?

The answer is donor surveys.

Keela and Imagine Canada have created this lookbook of pre-built survey templates that you can use to jumpstart your information-gathering journey. Or, if you want to build your own, you can browse our list of commonly asked questions.


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Download the Lookbook

Donor surveys offer your organization the opportunity to gather information about your supporters and tailor your marketing and communications materials to their preferences. 

This lookbook contains three common surveys to send to your donors including the questions, answers, and suggested formatting.

Want to dig a little deeper?

You can create your own surveys  using our bank of common survey questions. Learn more about your supporters and send a donor survey.

The Donor Survey Lookbook was created in partnership with Keela and Imagine Canada