The 5 Essential Emails You Should Send to Your Donors

Send the right email at just the right moment and maximize your donations.

We put together the 5 essential emails for each stage of the donor journey.

Email Templates for the Donor Journey. Download your templates now!

Inspire and Show Impact

Select the right message according to the decision process your donors go through.

Send Better Emails

Create emails following the best practices to engage your audience.

Maximize Conversions

Show the impact your organization makes and steward your donors.

Understanding the Donor Journey

The Donor Journey is the process donors follow from awareness to donating and finally becoming a recurring donor. It is divided into steps that help you understand where your donor is in their thinking as well as what stage you should be supporting with your communications. An effective Donor Journey should look like this:

By understanding this process, you can create the right email at the right moment and maximize your donations. To help you get started, we’ve put together 5 email templates for each stage of the Donor Journey. Check them out.