Communication Style Guide

  • What type of communicator are you? And what are the communication types of those on your team?
  • Everyone has a natural communication style; from those dominating the conversation, to others quietly sitting back and taking it all in. Do you know where you fit in?
  • Keela and Imagine Canada have teamed up to create this communications style guide to help you improve your workplace communication.
  • This will unlock the door for better, more effective relationships with your colleagues, your board of directors, and even your family and friends!

The Communications Style Guide was created in partnership with Keela and Imagine Canada.

Download the Guide

You Will Learn:

  • What your preferred communication style(s), strengths and blindspots are.
  • How to adjust your communication style to work better with people of different styles.
  • How to identify the style of someone you’ve just met and tailor your communication accordingly.
  • How to create an effective, cohesive, and inclusive work environment.

Download the Communication Style Guide to get started!

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