The Nonprofit Annual Report

A successful nonprofit annual report could mean the difference between reaching your yearly goal – or falling flat.

We’ve compiled a sure-fire annual report template and a checklist to ensure you pull together a document your stakeholders can get inspired about.

Download your guide and template now 

The Nonprofit Annual Report Guide includes:

  • A comprehensive guide covering the key elements that make a stellar Annual Report 
  • A checklist to make sure nothing slips through the cracks 
  • A customizable canva template to give a shiny look to your report 
  • Tons of puppies… 
A photo of a cute brown and white puppy on a dark blue background

How to write your Nonprofit Annual Report 

Nonprofit annual reports are a vital opportunity to show off the impact you’ve achieved over the past year, and engage with your donors and volunteers in a way that makes them feel both appreciated and motivated to continue their support. These reports are important – they have the potential to change the outlook of your nonprofit organization for the year ahead. No pressure.

We’ve created this valuable resource to make the Nonprofit Annual Report writing easier for you.

The Annual Report Template was created in partnership with Keela and FundraisingKIT