A How-to Guide and Checklist

A brand guide provides a roadmap for your visuals and messaging—does yours accurately express your organization’s mission and story?

Since many nonprofits handle marketing tasks internally, having strong brand guidelines can make creating your organization’s marketing and communications easier and more efficient.

Most importantly, it allows you to focus on what you do best—sharing your mission and serving your community.

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What’s in it:

  • Strategies to use your brand guide to streamline marketing efforts
  • Simple steps to keep you on track
  • A checklist of all the key elements you need to pull together an amazing brand guide
  • Real examples from the sector to inspire you!
Nonprofit Professionals creating a company brand guide

You’re one step closer to nailing your nonprofit marketing!

The Nonprofit Branding Guide was created in partnership with Keela and Lidia Varesco Racoma