Grant Stewardship Checklist

  • So you’ve won (or lost) your grant. Now what?
  • You’ve dotted your ‘i’s’ and crossed your ‘t’s’ on your most recent application. One of two things is going to happen. You’re going to get it, or you’re not.
  • While most information available deals with how to best dot those ‘i’s’ and cross those ‘t’s’, Keela and Imagine Canada’s Grant Connect have teamed up to fill in the blanks for what happens after.
  • This checklist runs through the nitty-gritty details of what to do once your grant application is accepted (or not), including the critical job of stewardship. Use it to ensure you’re cultivating the best possible relationships with funders – regardless of the outcome.

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The Grant Stewardship Checklist was created in partnership with Keela and Imagine Canada’s Grant Connect.

Download the Checklist

What’s Inside

  • A robust checklist of easy-to-forget items to tick off once you receive your grant.
  • An equally robust checklist and to-do list of things to complete if you don’t receive the grant.
  • Handy tips and resources to make your next application even better.

Download the Grant Stewardship Checklist to get started!

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