Stewardship Ambassadors

Littleton, CO, USA

Dave Sherman


Nonprofit Expertise


About Stewardship Ambassadors

Stewardship Ambassadors exists to lead believers to greater generosity through the education of biblical stewardship, the modeling of service and sacrifice, and an example of loving others.

Stewardship Ambassadors employs a strategy of Discipleship, as the principle philosophy towards developing ministry partners.  By educating ministry staffs and missionaries on the cultural pressures and attitudes that Americans feel towards money, we approach our visit and time together differently.  We shape our presentation more completely to providing a thorough understanding of the mission, and challenge our audience to consider their role in “the great commission”. 

We share memorized scripture as an encouragement and not as sword.  We never apply pressure during our appointment by asking for a financial decision, a check or a specific amount of money.  Our process requires the prompting of the Holy Spirit to move ministry partners to willingly accept a financial role in the ministry and should always require a follow-up call or visit.  We serve as ambassadors to the principles of biblical stewardship.