The Best Way to Fundraise Is to Put Donors First

Keela’s fundraising CRM unifies fundraising and donor communications on one platform so you can build deeper relationships with your donors through a targeted, multi-channel approach.

Keela’s Unique Solution Has Helped Nonprofit Organizations Around the World

A Unified Approach – Donor Communications and Fundraising Tools in One Platform.

Attract, convert and engage donors: with Keela, you’ll have access to unlimited forms, unlimited emails, and unlimited donations at one simple monthly price.

Pricing That Makes Sense

Unlimited forms. Unlimited emails. Unlimited donations. Unlimited email support. Unlimited online training. Tools that give you the power to do more!

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Know when to connect

Keela’s Donor Score tool ranks donors according to their previous giving behavior, segmenting them into categories in order to determine which ones are most likely to give. You can sort your donors by their Score and send personalized emails to those who are ready to donate.

Before Keela, we were working off spreadsheets, emails & notes, which made it impossible to track important details. Now we can see the full donor picture, making sure no one slips through the cracks.

Linda Leung, Operations and Finance Chair
Women and Youth Supporting Each Other


Maximize your donor’s generosity

Use Keela’s Smart Ask tool to catapult your fundraising efforts. Smart Ask tells you how much you should be asking from your donors by looking at their previous giving habits, then recommending an ideal donation amount to maximize their gift. 

Keela helps us have sincere and timely communications with donors. It makes communicating with donors easier and less time consuming.

Stephanie Connolly, Executive Director


Boost your fundraising efforts

Similar to Netflix, Keela recommends which donors to reach out to for your next campaign. This tool helps predict the donors who are the most likely to engage with a specific campaign, making it easier than ever to raise more funds, do more good and have more impact. 

Keela helped us streamline our fundraising efforts with easy tagging and segmenting of our donors. Our team reduced the time to update our lists by 75%.

Andrew King
Marketing & Communications Manager | Anza

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