Debunk the Top 5 Myths of Planned Giving

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Webinar with Tony Martignetti

Debunk the Top 5 Myths of Planned Giving


Tony Martignetti – Founder & CEO at Planned Giving Accelerator

Join the Planned Giving evangelist as he smashes the insidious myths around Planned Giving. Like the one that says you need expertise. And another, that Planned Giving will hurt your other fundraising. Tony Martignetti is an attorney, but he doesn’t talk like one. In plain language—weaving in his stand-up comedy—he’ll leave you inspired and empowered to get going with Planned Giving.

About Tony

Tony Martignetti is the Planned Giving evangelist. He’s been launching and growing Planned Giving fundraising programs for small- and mid-size nonprofits since 1997. His online course is Planned Giving Accelerator, where his goal is to launch 1,000 new Planned Giving programs across the United States.

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