Best Practices with Keela: End of Year

With Maggie Dubyk

Best Practices with Keela: End of Year


Maggie Dubyk, Training Specialist at Keela

The end of the year is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about your organization’s end-of-year tasks!

Other industries might find themselves winding down – but this is when nonprofits really pull out all of the stops and fire on all cylinders!

This year, Keela’s in house training specialist and nonprofit expert is here to be your End of Year Guide.

In this webinar, we will run through best practices to consider as the end of the year approaches and show you how to use Keela to support you with your end-of-year tasks. We will touch on encouraging last-minute donations, data entry & clean-up, receipts & letters, end-of-year summaries, annual reporting, and more. After this webinar, you will be more than prepared to knock out those end-of-year tasks and go into the new year confident!

Take some time to understand this now and Keela will carry you through to the finish line!

Your Webinar Host:
Maggie Dubyk has spent over six years immersed in the nonprofit sector working with both local and international nonprofits. Her curiosity and dedication have encouraged her to dig deep in understanding the gaps in the sector that act as barriers to efficiency and generating impact. Alongside collaborative and innovative teams, she continues to contribute to the sector by researching, developing, and implementing frameworks and processes that are strategic, data-driven, and results-oriented. Maggie is currently working for Keela, a software company that provides non-profits with intelligent tools to manage donors, mobilize volunteers, and fundraise. She also currently sits as Chair on the board of an international NGO that focuses on youth education in both Uganda and Canada.

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