Donors, Data, and Doing What’s “Right”

Webinar with T. Clay Buck, CFRE

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Donors, Data, and Doing What’s “Right”


An Ethical (and Lego-Centered) Look at Prospect Development

T. Clay Buck, Founder and Consultant at Tactical Fundraising Solutions

We live, as Seth Godin says, in a connection economy. And nothing fuels that connection with donors more than data – their contact details, giving history, and personal information. But in an age of high-profile hacks, data scandals, and privacy concerns what are the fundraiser’s ethical obligations to data management?

In this session, T. Clay Buck, CFRE will explore the new realities in data management, how ethics plays a role in how we manage data and how best to ensure you’re managing donors most trusted asset appropriately. And answer the question of how Lego Bricks fit in with a discussion on data management and ethics!

Watch this webinar On-Demand and gain a high-level understanding of ethical considerations in data management/prospect development.

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