How to Fall in Love with your Database

Webinar with Sam Laprade

How to Fall in Love with your Database


How to Fall in Love with Your Database

Sam Laprade, (CFRE), Director of Gryphon Fundraising

Your database is always there looking for love and attention. Are you ignoring your donor data partner or showering them with love? The love you show your database will come back to you tenfold. From taking your database to the spa for a little clean up to finding out what really makes them tick, we will ignite the spark between you and your donor database. 

Fundraising love stories are endless! You will think cupid stopped by as we share the romance between fundraising professionals and the top three heart throbs in the non-profit sector! Storytelling, stewardship and surveys leave even the most seasoned fundraiser with a big crush. 

This session will energize you to turn 2021 into the year that you maximize the potential of your donor database, share inspiring stories, retain more donors with a solid stewardship plan and survey your donors to speak directly to their hearts.

Sam loves to connect people! As a professional fundraiser Sam works closely with generous donors to impact some of the most vulnerable people in her community and country. 

Over a 30-year period, Ms. Laprade has shared the importance of donor database analytics with fundraising professionals worldwide and raised money for important charities in her community such as: The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, the Ottawa Humane Society and the Ottawa Mission Foundation.

This webinar was co-hosted with DonorSearch.

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