Nonprofit Email Marketing 102: Advanced Strategies for Engaging Supporters

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Webinar with Bryna Dilman and Meredith Gray

Nonprofit Email Marketing 102: Advanced Strategies for Engaging Supporters


Bryna Dilman, VP of Growth & Marketing, Keela

Meredith Gray, Head of Marketing, Keela 

Level up your email marketing game with this webinar all about taking your fundraising communications to the next level. Building on Email Marketing 101, we’ll dive deeper into strategies for personalized engagement, impactful storytelling, and optimizing your emails so that you can generate the most revenue possible for your cause. Join us to learn how to segment effectively, craft compelling narratives, and drive actions aligned with your mission!

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About Bryna and Meredith

Bryna Dilman, VP of Growth & Marketing

With almost 20 years of experience delivering innovative strategies and helping nonprofits deliver funding for their core mission, Bryna continues to pursue her passion for helping mission-focused organizations affect positive change. When not working, Bryna can be found spending time outdoors running, cycling, and hiking with her family.

Meredith Gray, Head of Marketing

Meredith has always had a passion for work that makes an impact. Having spent nearly a decade working in fundraising, she loves helping nonprofits build smart fundraising strategies. When not working, Meredith can be found trying out one of Toronto’s diverse restaurants, breaking a sweat in a spin class, or researching her next travel destination.

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