Best Practices with Keela: Email Marketing 101: Newsletters

Webinar with Samantha Lego


Best Practices with Keela: Email Marketing 101: Newsletters


Ready, steady, send! Learn how to create quality  newsletters that stand out from the clutter

Samantha Lego, Marketing Director at Keela

Email has long been one of the most valuable tools for online fundraising. Whether sending newsletters, appeal emails, or direct communication with supporters, email reaches people in their homes, on their phones, and at work, so it feels more personal than traditional advertising. But how can you be sure that your emails are making a difference to your overall strategy?

Join Keela’s Marketing Director, Sam, and Customer Care team duo, Laura and Elsie, as we dive into the wonderful world of email marketing for your nonprofit, starting with the Newsletter!

You’ll learn how to craft catchy subject lines that ensure your emails are being opening. We’ll work through the foundations of a good email structure, including what to include and what to save for another day. Finally, we’ll take a deep dive into Keela’s email reporting, so you’ll know what components worked, what didn’t, and most importantly, what to do in your next outreach campaign. 

A storyteller by nature and an organizer by inheritance (thanks, mum!), Sam enjoys crafting meaningful content equally as much as color-coding spreadsheets. When she’s not at Keela, Sam enjoys poking fun at Vancouver stereotypes (while studiously ignoring the fact that she is one). Not very good at picking up on social cues; if you tell her to take a hike, she’ll ask, “Which one!”

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