Build Email Marketing Campaigns with Style

Webinar with Samantha Lego

Build Email Marketing Campaigns with Style


Samantha Lego, Director of Marketing at Keela

Learn how to create a unified email style guide for your organization – complete with best practice recommendations and practical demonstrations!

You’ve got style, my friend – but do your email marketing communications have it, too?

The importance of having a clearly outlined Email Style Guide for your organization is paramount. It ensures consistency for your readers by creating a unified look, feel and tone for your messages. It also saves you time. Creating a series of email templates will ensure faster turnaround times for communications in the future!

But how do you go about building an Email Style Guide? And what best practices should you insert into every element of it?

Keela’s Director of Marketing knows this better than anyone! Join her as she discusses all of the nuggets of wisdom you’ll need to build your own powerful plan. And of course, what would a Carelabs webinar be without Keela context! Elsie from the Customer Care team will be there to show you exactly how you can apply this knowledge in Keela.

It’s going to be one heck of a stylish ride!

About Samantha Lego

A storyteller by nature and an organizer by inheritance (thanks mum!), Sam enjoys crafting meaningful content equally as much as colour coding spreadsheets. When she’s not at Keela, Sam enjoys poking fun at Vancouver stereotypes (while studiously ignoring the fact that she is one). Not very good at picking up on social cues, if you tell her to take a hike, she’ll ask “Which one!”

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