How Technology is Shaping Giving and Why Nonprofits Should Care

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Webinar with Libi Berenson

How Technology is Shaping Giving and Why Nonprofits Should Care


Libi Berenson – Co-Founder and CEO at Geenees

The impacts of technology have been widespread in many industries. Specifically in the nonprofit sector, those that leverage technology allow for more accessible giving experiences that expand an organization’s reach. Furthermore, with technology comes the ability to search and uncover realities with a click of a button, making it more important than ever for nonprofits to prioritize transparency in impact and care about appropriately leveraging technology to their advantage.

About Libi

Libi Berenson is an immigrant woman entrepreneur that drives motivation, engagement and results to the highest potential. Her story begins 18 years ago as an officer in the Israeli Military. Fast forwarding to today, she is the CEO and Co-founder of Geenees, an innovative platform that provides nonprofit organizations with a vehicle to tap into a new generation of donors and digitally upscale their giving process. Above all, Libi values and lives by honesty, trust and impact, and applies her leadership and operational skills to challenge the status-quo and make a change in our society.

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