3 Key Elements to Become an Impact-Driven Nonprofit

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Webinar with John Mark Vanderpool

 3 Key Elements to Become an Impact-Driven Nonprofit


John Mark Vanderpool, Co-Founder & Chief of Business Solutions

How to Become an Impact-Driven Nonprofit

The demand to report your impact is increasing and is often a source of frustration for nonprofits.

Impact measurement should not be complicated. Does it take a lot of time and dedication? Of course! But the process is simple, and your payoff is worth it. This webinar will cover the essential insights on measuring your impact and marketing your organization’s value.

We will discuss how to start measuring your impact, what to include in an impact report, how to use your impact report effectively, and how to utilize your impact data in your marketing efforts. When you become an impact-driven nonprofit, you can stop feeling overwhelmed and confidently increase your funding, provide better care for your audience, and grow your organization.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand what real impact is
  • Learn why your organization needs to measure its impact
  • Know how to measure your impact
  • Learn how to start marketing your impact today

About John Mark Vanderpool

John Mark works diligently to ensure nonprofits and businesses have the marketing, communication, and impact tools they need to reach their full potential. In his role, he works to develop strategies that nonprofits can deploy so they can achieve success in their marketing and impact efforts. In collaborative work with the Social Impact Solutions team, John Mark helps you and your organization solve your data
and marketing problems so you can start turning insights into meaningful action.

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