Nonprofit Leadership Hacks for Breakthrough Growth in 2023

Wednesday, March 15th at 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET

Webinar with Jesse Lane

Nonprofit Leadership Hacks for Breakthrough Growth in 2023


Jesse Lane – Founder, Branches Mission Labs

Join nonprofit strategist, Jesse Lane, for a game-changing webinar experience

During this time you’ll discover hidden barriers that are secretly stealing resources from your mission.

You will begin to see everything differently, including your brand message, delivery, fundraising strategies, and team.

Join us and identify opportunities for significant growth in awareness and giving.

You’ll walk away ready to immediately take action to grow marketing and fundraising results.

This webinar will be closed captioned

About Jesse

Jesse Lane is the founder of Branches Mission Lab and creator of Goodmaker Growth Program. He is known for his passion for helping the helpers and his ability to drive results for nonprofits. He has launched countless communications campaigns and helped raise over $100 million working with hundreds of different nonprofit leaders.
Jesse lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife and three daughters.

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